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Unified Demand GenSM

Harnessing the full potential of b2b demand generation requires the unity of both inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Together, the two disciplines produce measurable ROI, accountable results, and direct contribution to the top line.

Opportunity, revenue, and accountable ROI can best be achieved by implementing unified demand gen programs that combine inbound marketing and outbound marketing components. The two provide a 1-2 punch that deliver demand gen performance. more>

Pay For Performance

What better way to engage a marketing services vendor than to know exactly what you are paying for? Green Leads prides ourselves in being a pure Pay-For-Performance company.

Every service we offer is priced as a per-deliverable offering. You get what you pay for.more>



inbound marketing 

noun (in-bound·mahr-ki-ting): 1. the activities causing prospects to find a company's products and services through search engines, blogs and social media, and converting them to a sales lead. 2. essential to Unified Demand GenSM best practices. 
see also: outbound marketing

outbound marketing

noun (out-bound·mahr-ki-ting): 1. targeting prospects to engage them in a selling relationship regarding a company's products and services through phone and email. 2. essential toUnified Demand GenSM best practices. 
see also: inbound marketing

Appointment Setting 


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