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Global B2B/B2G Pipeline Generation

Intent Qualified Leads (IQL's) 

Salespeople and sales organizations are under extreme pressure to close new business and grow the sales pipeline and marketers have the challenge of constantly filling the funnel full of leads to feed this pipeline generation.  Lead nurturing, lead qualification and lead scoring are all tactics deployed to measure and filter the quality of leads and the likelihood of theGL Funnel-PURPLE_R3 leads to progress into an appointment.  Now with the power of AI and digital forensic, we can identify those B2B contacts and accounts most active online on a topic or keyword - these are Intent Qualified Leads.

The Intent Qualified Leads are a full-contact record of a B2B contact who are actively searching and interacting online with your topic, category or keywords. Then we take product topic categories and/or competitors by showing active buying behavior like consuming content, attending webinars, and attending in-person events. 

Use Case - Appointment Generation & OS-SDR

  • Scoring and Prioritization:  By assigning ranked scoring to our Client’ ICP’s, GL’s BDRs/SDRs will prioritize which prospects to engage and when.  Reducing the time and effort spent in securing and delivering appointments to our Clients.

Use Case - Lead Generation

  • Intent Data Prioritization:  Whether via email or phone outreach, by prioritizing engagement based on the Client ICP’s purchase intent signals lead conversion rates and pace is increased.
  • Intent Data Enrichment:  Per each generated lead, GL will append all of the intent data that has been captured during a rolling 30-day period.