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Global B2B/B2G Pipeline Generation

HQL Leads

A Highly Qualified Lead is a Content Syndication lead that fulfills the service level agreement (SLA) between marketing and sales – a lead that meets:

  • The ICP Persona requirements, and

  • Has shown interest in learning more about your company and offerings by downloading your marketing Content which wasGL Funnel-PURPLE_R3 promoted, and

  • Has answered  3-4 qualifying questions, and 

  • Has opted-in to future marketing communication; thus is Compliant with all privacy laws

HQL's are generated in the same way as MQLs, using one or more of the following techniques:

  • Content syndication

  • Outbound content promotion by phone or email

  • Outbound Sales Development

Green Leads leverages all of the above techniques to generate HQLs. We then ask 3-4 qualifying questions typically around installed base, active initiatives, business issues to solve, or urgency to find a solution.

Green Leads Quality Control Process is rigorous to make sure we provide the best quality leads in the B2B industry to our customers.

Triple Verification process:

All form fills from downloaded leads are checked for accuracy. 

  • Email addresses are verified by cross-checking with several databases and cloud-based tools
  • Phone numbers are verified via multiple database lookups
  • Titles/Roles are validated via Linkedin comparison

Double Data Enrichment:

All leads get further enhanced with additional data fields that provide great value to marketers, SDRs and sales executives.

  • Direct Dial / Cell Phone data is appended to each record
  • LinkedIn Profiles are appended to each record 

HQLs are ideal for adding to your top of the full nurture campaign and will provide the SDR team with valuable information about the account when it is ready to pass to sales.