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SDR as a Service

Global B2B/B2G Pipeline Generation

Hiring, scaling and on-boarding BDR/SDRs is a never-ending challenge. Not to mention the ongoing performance management and long term, retention.

  • You've received new funding and the lead VC/Board Member insists on scaling pipeline generating activity.

  • The VP of Sales just hired five sales execs she brought from her previous company and they all need appointments.

  • SaaStr was a successful event and you're sitting on hundreds of viable leads but only an internal team that can handle 25% of them.

The reasons are endless – the challenge is adjusting the throttle of your sales and marketing operations and sales development engine. Your options are to hire or outsource, or add technologies and create playbooks that will increase your existing team's efficiencies. Yet budget for full-time new hires is always harder to get than project-based approvals for project based point-solutions. And your history with outsourcing always comes down to "what did you do for me today?" There is rarely a well-defined SLA. 

And efficiencies, they can take months or years to understand and implement working solutions. 

At Green Leads, we've done the evaluations, we've built the playbooks, and we deliver accountable SLAs that generate pipeline in a manner that is fast to deploy and sustainable over time.

Augment your growth challenges with Green Leads’ various solutions.

Outsourcing Sales Development Reps

Some business executives believe sales to be the most important moving part within a company. That’s why an essential aspect to your game plan is making sure a potential customer is properly taken care of from beginning to end. 

Even the best sales development reps (SDRs) find it challenging to prospect, qualify and finalize a sale. Allowing your account executives to focus on what they’re great at – closing deals – can be the key to pipeline generation.

The truth is, hiring, onboarding, and maintaining an internal team of SDRs can be time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, more and more companies are choosing to outsource SDRs to increase conversion rates and augment pipeline generation activity – while maintaining the flexibility, and cost advantages of outsourcing. 

What is sales development exactly? 

The goal of a solid sales development process is to generate qualified leads and nurture them to the point of being sales ready. An expert team of SDRs will keep an influx of quality leads coming in to fuel your pipeline and maintain a high level of sales activity. 

The responsibilities of an SDR can include:

  • Cold calling fresh leads
  • Following up with warm leads
  • Developing your ideal customer profile
  • Qualifying leads as MQLs, HQLs, or SQLs
  • Scheduling appointments for prospects to meet with a sales or account executive
  • Maintaining the logistics of ensuring appointments take place

Today it’s critical, if not necessary, to move forward with a customer-centric structure and provide the best possible user experience. Having a strong sales development team in place can allow you to do so.  

Outsourcing SDRs 

So why are businesses turning to outside sources for lead generation, appointment setting services and sales development? The following is a list of reasons to explain how it can work to your advantage.

Outsourcing your SDRs is cost-effective. 

As mentioned above, the process of interviewing, then hiring, then onboarding and continuing to manage a strong internal sales development team can be costly. If you consider the salaries, benefits, data, training, infrastructure and management costs of an in-house team of SDRs, you can be allocating a massive amount of money to cover it. The average cost can be upwards of $300,000 per year for most B2B companies. 

Outsourcing your SDR allows you to set a budget, a service level agreement (SLA) and focus your resources in other areas. It’s so much simpler to receive an invoice each month from your sales development partner.

It saves time. 

Choosing to outsource your sales development can not only save you money, but it also saves valuable time. The onboarding and training process can take months. Hiring a lead generation company provides you with SDRs on demand – already prepared with strategies in hand. 

Mastering the art of lead generation and qualification doesn’t happen overnight or even over a few months. A seasoned SDR understands the playbook, has done the evaluations over and over again, and knows how to efficiently manage leads to fulfill your service level agreement and sustain the growth of your pipeline. 

It comes in handy when internal shifts happen that call for more hands on deck.

Businesses grow and changes occur at every level. Maybe you’ve received new funding and that new investor/VC/board member stops in for a visit demanding new strategies to scale your pipeline activity. Maybe a new VP of sales has taken over and brought on several new sales executives that all need appointments. 

Or after a successful event, your marketing team is overloaded with hundreds of promising leads, but can only handle a small percentage of them. All of these scenarios are cause for the need to bring in a team -- and fast. 

It allows you to reach new markets and opportunities.

It can be difficult to expand into new regions, industries or markets without sacrificing your core sales. Outsourcing SDRs can help you discover more opportunities, while your internal marketing and sales professionals can focus on building strong relationships with highly qualified leads (HQLs), sales qualified leads (SQLs) and the more successful clients that keep business up and running. 

Once your outsourced SDRs have operations down to a science and everything is running smoothly, you can use their expertise to scout new territories, introduce new products, and open up new doors to more leads. 

Sales Development Solutions 

Now that we understand why outsourcing SDRs can be a helpful approach to augment your pipeline and grow your business, let’s discuss a few of the solutions lead generation companies offer when you hire them to handle your sales development.

Developing Your Ideal Customer Profile and Target Personas

A first step in any lead generation strategy is describing the requirements of your ideal customer profile (ICP). This defines the perfect company that would benefit most from your product or service. It’s based on specific factors such as industry, company size, and demographic. 

Additionally, it’s important to understand the pain points and needs of the individual customer you encounter within the company. By developing your target buyer persona, you can have a clear idea of who that person is and how to best engage with them. 

A sales development team helps you evaluate and clearly establish both your ICP and target buyer persona. They can then provide ICP persona leads from their own database based on the requirements. 

Inbound VS Outbound SDR 

Outbound SDRs are responsible for generating more leads through email or cold calling, while inbound SDRs are hired to sort through the leads that have already become marketing qualified by accepting a promoted asset or expressing interest in learning more.

Appointment Setting Services 

A marketing qualified lead (MQL) becomes a sales qualified lead (SQL) when they schedule an appointment to learn more about your products and services. Appointment setting bridges the gap between the efforts of your marketing pros, sales development representatives and your sales executives. Lead generation companies offer appointment setting services as a part of their sales development package. 

In Conclusion 

Still not sure whether to outsource your SDR or develop a team in-house? If you’re looking to cut costs, save time, and work with a team of experienced professionals that understand the ins-and-outs of lead generation and can help you augment and scale your pipeline activity, then outsourcing is the way to go.