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Sales Ready Leads (SRLs)

Global B2B/B2G Pipeline Generation


What are they?

  • Funnel stage: A Sales Ready Lead (SRL) is a bottom-of-the-funnel lead
  • A 3-touch qualified lead (up to 6 custom qualifying questions)
  • Content Syndication opt-in Lead with telemarketing follow-up to obtain willingness to be introduced to the client rep. The third touch is the email intro to the prospect & rep, introducing the rep


Who can use them?

  • SDRs: The SRLs are great for Sales Development Reps to give them warmer qualified leads
  • Channel Partner Reps: SRLs can be very useful and economical to provide Channel Partner Reps with new logo opportunities
  • Any Rep that understands the value of a qualified lead and will be tenacious in their outreach to schedule a sales appointment


What do you get?

  • A prospect that is interested in the promoted content, has downloaded your marketing content and answered qualifying questions
  • The prospect has opt-ed into an email introduction to the Sales Rep
  • A warm handoff via email: The email to the Rep will come from the Green Leads-Evaluate Solutions rep that spoke to the prospect, attaching the 2nd offered marketing content and introducing the Rep for follow-up engagement.


sales ready leads