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Global B2B/B2G Pipeline Generation

If your sales team is behind on their pipeline goal, you need to get them "at bats" fast to fill that Pipeline Gap.

For Established Brands to Scale

  • Optimal for clients that have technology in the adoption curve and a recognized Gartner/Forrester category 
  • Not all SDRs/BDRs organizations are the same
    • SDRs/BDRs all with 15+ years of sales development/appointment
      setting veterans
    • 4,000 Dials per month
    • 600-800 Personalized emails per month
    • 30-40 voicemails per day
    • 8-10 conversations per day
  • Enablement Training is key to success – Our teams engage with the client monthly or as needed to have regroup sessions 
  • Invites, Reschedules, Confirmations, and other Logistics are handled by BDRs
  • The BDRs will concierge the meeting and introduce the rep to the prospect before bowing out
SQL Conversion Rates


50% of the Nurturing status leads converted to Active within 12 months time.  
30% of the Active status leads became closed/won. This means that if there were 100 SQL appointments, 37 would move to Active immediately, and 17 (half of the Nurturing leads) would move to Active within 12 months. Of these 54 leads, 17 (30%) will close over time.  

Leads from Green Leads are 5x more likely to convert.


SQL Conversion Rates

After more than a decade of providing SQLs to clients, Green Leads has studied tens of thousands of SQLs and discovered that the conversion rate from appointments is the following:

  • 37% convert to an Active status - they are the right fit, show a propensity to purchase, and have immediate ongoing sales activity (second meeting, quote, introduction to the wider team, etc.)

  • 34% convert to Nurturing status - they are the right fit, show a long-term/possible propensity to purchase, but have no immediate sales activity.

  • 29% convert to Closed status - although they were the right fit, they or the sales executive determined there is no opportunity to pursue.