Self Serve Meetings - For the B2B Software/Technology Industry

This is the same level of service we provide our corporate accounts, but it's packaged up for sales and marketing individuals to purchase on their own. Great for small businesses too. Same meetings in a self service format.

Appointment Setting One At A Time - The Industry's First

It's simple. You provide us with the following information, we provide you with a meeting. If we don't deliver it in 10 business days, you get your money back. If the meeting doesn't take place, you get a replacement meeting or your money back.

  • 10 target companies you would like an introductory meeting with
  • The title/role of the executive you would like to meet with
  • High level messaging about your offering (url, pdf, email, datasheets, etc.)
  • Access to or a copy of your calendar for the next few weeks

We don't over-complicate the process. We stay at a very high level, we introduce ourselves as being with your company, deliver the messaging, determine if they are the right person to meet with and then if they express interest in meeting with you to learn more, we book the meeting. We handle all logistics, reschedules, etc.

Once you complete the purchasing process, you will be sent an account login for you to submit the required information. One of our account managers will contact you to review your materials and discuss your messaging. Once that's done, we go get you the meeting.

The order form also allows you to purchase more than one meeting. Just change the quantity. If you purchase more than one meeting, you must provide ten target companies for each meeting purchased. For example, if you purchase 3 meetings, provide us with 30 targets to pursue.

Small Print

We only do B2B meetings for the Software/Technology industry. We won't touch consumer work or services. Your average deal size should probably be more than $10k for the ROI math to work out. We reserve the right to refund your money at anytime. By purchasing through this website, you agree to the following terms: Your meeting(s) will be delivered and your order complete when a) Green Leads sets the meeting(s) from the target list you supply, b) Green Leads sets the meeting(s) with the appropriate prospect title/role as defined by you, c) Green Leads pitches your products/services and the prospect(s) understand the pitch and wants to meet with you to discuss further, d) Green Leads sets the meeting(s) on an available date as specified by your calendar, and d) the meeting(s) takes place. Green Leads handles all communications with the prospect(s) prior to your meeting, you are not allowed to contact the prospect prior to the meeting(s). Should the prospect(s) cancel or reschedule the meeting(s) Green Leads will either reschedule or replace the meeting(s). Should you cancel, miss, or reschedule the meeting(s), the meeting(s) is/are considered complete. You agree to provide Green Leads with target lists, messaging and calendar information as described above. You agree to make yourself accessible to Green Leads for at least one hour prior to our starting the service. Once your purchased meeting(s) is/are complete, this agreement and service is concluded. We have tried to keep the terms simple, but If you want to understand them in more detail, or would prefer to work with us using a more detailed agreement (2 pages of fine print but with much more detail and specifics), please contact us at 877-575-3237 x111 or