ICPs, MQLs, HQLs, SQLs (Appointment Setting)

Times have changed. No longer do we accept products and services without solid service level agreements (SLAs).

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Yet vendors in the outsourced sales development and lead generation industry continue to insist on fee-for-service models where you get what you get.

What if you simply got what you paid for? Predictable cost per leads (CPLs) and appointments (SQLs).

Green Leads' Pay-For-Performance lead generation options allow you to know exactly what your budget and outcomes will be. Every service we offer has a solid SLA that details the deliverable and the price of that deliverable. You get what you pay for – period.

"I want 50 meetings with CIOs of companies using AWS." Done. $50k.

"I want to augment my inbound leads with a content syndication program at a pace of 100 contacts per month and a budget not to exceed $6k per month" Done. $55 per contact.

"I have 1000 leads from Dreamforce to follow-up on, touching them with a five step cadence over the course of three months – 5 outbound calls, 3 emails, and 2 InMails with the goal to be 10 meetings per month." Done. $12k per month for three months.

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