CPL Based Lead Generation


inbound marketing - noun (in-bound·mahr-ki-ting): 1. the activities causing prospects to find a company's products and services through content syndication, blogs and email marketing, and converting them to a sales lead. 2. essential to Unified Demand GenSM best practices.
see also: outbound marketing

An aggressive Inbound Marketing program focused on content syndication, blogging, and email marketing can efficiently provide lead gen results with both quality and quantity. 

  • Content Syndication
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Inbound Response
  • Event Promotion

Content Syndication & CPL Based Leads

Green Leads utilizes Email Marketing and Outbound Telemarketing to deliver CPL based Content Syndication and HQL Leads.  

  • Content Syndication, simple marketing asset
  • Content Syndication, asset with questions
  • Installed Base Content Syndication, with or without questions
  • Highly Qualified Leads, HQL
  • Confirmed Callback Leads, not an appointment, but a window of time

Direct, Wholesale or Publisher Pricing

Green Leads serves both direct clients and wholesale clients.  If you are a supplier of leads, please indicate that in your inquiry and we will apply wholesale pricing.

Unified Demand GenSM
Inbound and Outbound

Opportunity, revenue, and accountable ROI can best be achieved by implementing unified demand gen programs combining inbound marketing and outbound marketing programs. The two provide a 1-2 punch that deliver demand gen performance.