Out of Office Responses - Lead Gen Tip Gold Nugget

Posted by Mike Farrell

b2b sales leadsJust because your lead is out of the office, does not mean they should be crossed off your list.  When receiving an out of office or away on vacation email response, you get a lot more than just an email you want to delete.  You can get lead gen nuggets.  For example, you just emailed your contact to set an appointment and you get a response similar to this:

Thank you for your email. I am currently away from the office on vacation with limited access to email. I will return on Monday, June 24. 

For immediate needs, please contact the following:
--With career opportunity questions, please email jobs@acme.com
--With questions regarding Sales Operations, please email Linda at linda@acme.com 
--With other urgent administrative issues, please email my assistant Jessica at jessica@acme.com

Tom Shannon
VP Infrastructure and Operations
978-555-1324 direct
978-555-1212 cell 

You have just received two other contacts that are relevant to your pursuit of the prospect.  You know a responsible person, albeit no title--but LinkedIn can help with that, with Linda.  You have his assistant, great for trying to reach him when he's not responding. And you have his cell number, which you didn't have before.  Contact Linda and Jessica, see if you can't work some magic and drum up a conversation.  Never know what they may share.  "Hi Linda, I've been trying to reach Tom and I know he's out this week.  Maybe you can help me..."

And don't forget, when you reach out to Tom next week, reference your email and ask if he was away on vacation or business.  Get a conversation going because we all know...selling doesn't start until a conversation starts with the prospect.

Take advantage.  Save this information.  Use it.