The Biggest Outbound Lead Gen Script Tips – They Have to Go

Posted by Mike Farrell

b2b sales leadsThere are a lot of great sources of information for outbound calling tips out there, and we earlier brought you some great outbound calling tips from the best BDR's our management team has ever worked with.  That being said, there are some bad tips out there that need to be put to rest.  They just don't work any longer and they're not helping anybody succeed at generating quality b2b leads.  Top of the list:

Stick to the script - There was a time when it was imperative that you stick to your prospecting script.  It had everything you needed to pass a lead or book an appointment with your targeted prospecting base.  If you're dialing consumers selling widgets, maybe, but if you are dialing high level b2b audience, no way. They can read through a script all day long.  Create three guidelines for conversations. Then don't use them verbatim, use them in your own words.

  • Talking points - 2 to 3 high level statements focused on the problem your customers have. Open with them. Once they feel the pain, confirm the ramifications of not taking action. Then and only then talk about your company and offering. People think in problems not brands or features.
  • Open ended questions - Ask questions that bring value to the prospect by getting them to talk and participate in the conversation. Don't ask yes or no questions – too easy to blow you off and an escape hatch for ending the call.
  • Objection handling - As it states. How to handle the most common "no thank you" statements. The most obvious is to show empathy and continue. Just keep doing a segue back to the ask.

Then keep it natural.  Have conversations.

What other outbound calling tips have you encountered that just need to go?

Photo Credit:  sindesign via Flickr