Got Inbound?


Inbound Marketing


inbound marketing - noun (in-bound·mahr-ki-ting): 1. the activities causing prospects to find a company's products and services through search engines, blogs and social media, and converting them to a sales lead. 2. essential to Unified Demand GenSM best practices.
see also: outbound marketing

An aggressive Inbound Marketing program focused on search engine optimization, blogging, and social media can efficiently provide lead gen results with both quality and quantity. 

  • Social Media/SEO
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Inbound Response
  • Web Events
  • Content Syndication

Best Practices Methodology

Green Leads delivers google rankings, traffic, and converted leads by implementing the methodologies and best practices of our partner, Hubspot, the leader in inbound marketing:
  • Create SEO friendly websites
  • Create compelling content that attracts visitors
  • Create effective landing pages to convert visitors to leads
  • Optimize content and site for SEO
  • Optimize keyword use and keyword marketing
  • Optimize your inbound links for SEO credit
  • Promote your brand and content through social media
  • Convert your site visitors to actionable leads

Green Leads can provide a turnkey inbound marketing program, individual deliverables, or best practices consulting. 

Unified Demand GenSM
Inbound and Outbound

Opportunity, revenue, and accountable ROI can best be achieved by implementing unified demand gen programs combining inbound marketing and outbound marketing programs. The two provide a 1-2 punch that deliver demand gen performance. 


"After working with three lead gen firms, Green Leads is the only one that was both consultative to our firm as well as generating leads. The others were boiler room operations. We actually have a working relationship with Green Leads. Oh, one more thing. They're very effective."

Terrance Oprea, President, MCCI
selling to marketing targets Global 2000 & Federal Government