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Social Surround - Social Selling Takeaway from SiriusDecisions #SDsummit

Posted by Michael Damphousse

Social Surround Selling Techniques resized 600

I'm just coming off 19,000 miles, 3 countries, and both coasts of the US (back and forth twice) in a 5 week period.  I met lots of new people, and noticed a trend that interestingly reflected a concept Craig Rosenberg, The Funnelholic, and I presented at our case study session at SiriusDecisions Summit -- Social Surround. 

It's not new, and wasn't coined by us, but Social Surround is the technique of using every social platform available to connect to your colleagues and prospects.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, you name it.  The more you connect, and the more you share with them or about them, the more you build that relationship.  Let's face it, a retweet by any means is flattering.

Here's a surround scenario for you:

  • I met the director of Demand Gen for a software company a few months back, brief handshake, intro and card exchange.  There wasn't an immediate need for Green Leads work at the time...nurturable
  • That night I sent an email with the contact info of a mutual colleageue we both knew from years ago that he had fallen out of touch with
  • I then linked to him on LinkedIn
  • From LinkedIn, I found his twitter handle, and followed him. Hopefully he monitors his new followers. 
  • I also followed his company account, learned a bit there
  • Found him on Facebook, and instead of offering to connect, I simply shared Green Leads' facebook page with him.  He liked it
  • I notice his company tweets something retweetable, and give it a retweet.  Maybe he'll notice
  • He's an avid LinkedIn Update poster.  So I liked a post
  • Saw he was on the attendee list of #SDsummit, so sent a "Look forward to seeing you at the event" email

Fast forward to the SiriusDecisions Summit.  Craig and I are in the case study presenting the Social Surround concept, and who's sitting in the middle row smiling?  Yep.  He comes up to me afterwards and told me how he personally experienced Social Surround by me and had come to the conference with the intent of talking with me about a b2b appointment setting project.  Now that he knew the concept had a term and it worked, he was sold--surrounded and sold.

Benefits of Social Surround:

  • Passive branding
  • Ongoing networking
  • Rapport building the social way
  • Non-intrusive to the prospect
  • Multiple touch points
  • Warms up outbound activies
  • Can trigger inbound responses

ps.  What I like the most with Social Surround is that I'm seeing the prospects surrounding me.  That is the ultimate Inbound Lead!

Photo: Christo and Jeanne-Claude's Surrounded Islands

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Inbound Marketing Summit Speakers: Twitter List #IMS10

Posted by Michael Damphousse

inbound marketing summit twitter list

Today I'm attending New Marketing Lab's Inbound Marketing Summit at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro (killer spot for a conference, btw).

Highlight of the day is always Chris Brogan's down to earth, almost "stand up" quality talks.  He is always insightful, practical, and spot on with his delivery.

I thought it would be useful to create a Twitter List of the #IMS10 Speakers.  

Here you go:

Alex Beauchamp, Citrix Online @alexthegirl
Alex Howard, O'Reilly Media @digiphile
Amber Naslund, Radian6 @ambercadabra
Audrey McClelland, Mom Generations @audreymcclelland
Benjamin Diggles, Webtrends @mrdiggles
Bernie Borges, Find & Convert @berniebay
Bettina Hein, Pixability @pixability
Brad Blake, Office of Governor Deval Patrick @bradmblake
Brian Halligan, Hubspot @bhalligan
Byron White, ideaLaunch @byronwhite
C.C. Chapman, Digital Dads @cc_chapman
Chris Brogan, New Marketing Labs @chrisbrogan
Claire Spina-Russell, PerkettPR @jerseygrl
David Meerman Scott, Freshspot Marketing @dmscott
Deb Orton, SAS @deb_orton
Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot @dharmesh
Erica Brookes, Vitrue @ebrookes
Erica McClenny, Expion @ericamcclenny
Gail Goodman, Constant Contact @gail_goodman
Greg Cangialosi, Blue Sky Factory @gregcangialosi
Jamus Driscoll, Demandware @jamusdriscoll
Jeanne Connon, Daily Grommet @jconnon
Jess Weiss, Office of Governor Deval Patrick @jessweiss
John Doyle, Alure Home Improvements @14str8
John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing @ducttape
Justin Levy, New Marketing Labs @justinlevy
Kiki Mills, MITx @kikimills
Lisa Horner, Citrix Online @lisahorner
Maria Pergolino, Marketo @inboundmarketer
Mark Chaves, SAS @markachaves
Matt Cutler, Visible Measures @mcutler
Michael Damphousse, Green Leads @damphoux
Michael Pranikoff, PR Newswire @mpranikoff
Michael Weiss, Imagistic @imagistic
Mike Schneider, Allen & Gerritsen @schneidermike
Nichole Kelly, CareOne Services @nichole_kelly
Pamela Meek, SAS @pamelameek
Patrick Attallah, 90:10 Group @bzpat
Patti Fousek, Mind Search Marketing @pattifousek
Paul Gillin, Paul Gillin Communications @pgillin
Pawan Deshpande, HiveFire @tweetsfrompawan
Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz @randfish
Ric Pratte, JitterJam @ricpratte
Robbie Vorhaus, Vorhaus & Company @vorhaus
Robert Brosnan, Seton Hall University @brosnaro
Ron West, PaperThin @notronwest
Sal Ferro, Alure Home Improvements @sal_ferro
Scott Stratten, Un-Marketing @unmarketing
Steve Garfield, @stevegarfield
Tim Hayden, Blue Clover Studios @thetimhayden
Tim Washer, Cisco @timwasher
Tom Webster, Edison Research @webby2001
Valeria Maltoni, Powered @conversationage
Vern Imrich, Percussion Software @vimrich
Wayne Sutton, TriOut @waynesutton

If I missed someone or they made a last minute change in speakers, let me know and I'll update the list.

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Be a B2B Tweeter, Not a B2B Twit

Posted by Mike Damphousse

Huh?Sometimes I think George Lucas just didn’t “get it” when he made the Star Wars prequels.  You know, the “other” Star Wars movies?  He had made the greatest trilogy in the world in Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.  For years, with fans clamoring for more movies, Lucas said that either he wasn’t ready to make them or the technology in cinematography just wasn’t ready.  Then stars aligned and he was ready to make the rest of his story; three movies to be set before Episode IV (1977), to tell the story of how things led up to where they did.  To fans of the original trilogy, Lucas fell woefully short with Episodes I-III.  He didn’t get that what made the original movies was story, not special effects.  Sure, the newer movies had better effects, but the end result was miserable.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Twitter, specifically in the B2B Sales and Marketing arena, you’re sure to see some people on there that deliver fantastic information.  This is information that I’m very thankful for, as are my colleagues in the industry.  However, with all of the good, there are still some on Twitter who just don’t “get it.”  I’d like to share with you some ideas on how you can “get it” and keep yourself from becoming a Demand Gen Twit:
  1. Remember, it’s not always about you -- If there’s one thing that burns me up about Twitter, it's the people who are shameless self-promoters.  SHAMELESS.  Twitter is a great self-promotion tool, however, it’s an even better word-of-mouth tool.  It’s one thing to tweet about something you’ve done or your most recent blog entry, but it’s another if someone else does it for you.  What does that mean for you?  It means you’ve got to be writing great content.  Keep in mind what Chris Brogan says:  “[promote] the heck out of others

  2. Start the conversation -- One of the best parts about Twitter is the ability to have long-running conversations with a bunch of people.  That’s a great way to share new ideas (and get some, too) while keeping in mind my first point. Get involved and get people talking.  A number of people do this well; and for a great example, check out Mack Collier’s blog chat (#blogchat) that occurs most Sunday nights.

  3. Learn -- If there’s one thing that I love about Twitter, it’s that for the most part the folks that “get it” share a wealth of new information -- new information that is relevant to you because others finding and sharing it have similar interests to you.  The opportunity to have great content and data at my fingertips, throughout any part of my day, is exciting for me.  The more you read, the more you’ll be able to share, and the more you share, the more you’ll keep yourself from becoming another Twit.
There are a lot of ways to be a better B2B tweeter, and these ideas are for me as much as they are for you (maybe even more so).  So, help me keep the conversation going, and share with the rest us some other ways we can keep from being a Twit.

Photo Credit:  PhotoJonny via Flickr

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AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit: Follow on Twitter #LS10

Posted by Michael Damphousse

American Association of Inside Sales ProfessionalsAmerican Association of Inside Sales Professionals has their national Leadership Summit May 11-12 in Minneapolis.  The speakers include fantastic cast of sales/marketing leaders, with me doing my part.  Topics range from inside sales strategies, increasing performance, compensation models, hiring and managing to Sales 2.0.  If it's Inside Sales related, it's a topic.

AA-ISP on  TwitterFor those of you that can't be there live, you can follow the action on twitter with hashtag #ls10.  

If you do attend, and are a follower of @damphoux, track me down and say "Hello".

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B2B University: Top 15 Tweets

Posted by Michael Damphousse

Today's B2B University, sponsored by Silverpop, was a great turnout.  My estimate was 150 or so.  Great networking and information sharing.  Glad to have met everyone I met.  If we didn't meet but you wanted to...shoot me a message.

During the session (despite the wireless being up and down all afternoon) I collected what I thought were the top 20 tweets from the crowd: 

Chris_Snell: Rnd.2 Mike @damphoux (sorry!) and I w/ the lovely Trish @bridgegroupinc at the #B2BUniversity
MarketingProfs: Why isn't it "marketing & sales" v. "sales & marketing"? Shouldn't marketing come first? (via Joe Maloney, #b2buniversity @silverpop)
jcstone3: Account marketing needs crop rotation, colonization, and continuation strategies #B2buniversity
AKrizzle: RT @KathleenBostick: does not really have marketing automation. #B2BUniversity 
kennymadden1973: AMEN! RT @damphoux: Carlos: marketing should be comped on sales accepted leads or marketing contribution to pipeline #b2buniversity
damphoux: Joe Malony, Conselltants: Do you work for the VP of Sales & Marketing or the VP of Marketing & Sales? priority? #b2buniversity
stephanietilton: nurtured sales leads provide 47% higher order value - Aberdeen #B2BUniversity

abneedles: The room at #B2BUniversity Boston is seriously packed. Awesome, guys.

AaronEndre: RT @abneedles: Thought-provoking: Death of the corp Website at the center of our online marketing? - J Moloney at #B2BUniversity #B2B
We hear this one at every conference:
stephanietilton: content creation critical to lead nurturing #B2BUniversity
cahidalgo: #B2BUniversity: @draab "very few marketers can calculate the ROI, NPV or impact to the change of their marketing budget.
cahidalgo: #B2BUniversity: @draab-"3.3x higher ROI for marketers who apply measurement best practices. "
abneedles: Some are calling @draab the Woody Allen of marketing measurement and ROI ... #B2BUniversity
And the light hearted tweet of the day (and yes, I'll take credit):
damphoux: from @abneedles "bar will be open for the next session". I saw someone who was leaving turn sit back down ;) #b2buniversity

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B2B Demand Gen Letter to Google: Real Time Search

Posted by Michael Damphousse

If someone has already written about this, forgive me.  But twice in the past few weeks the discussion of real time search came up and how it might touch b2b demand gen. Today, unless someone is searching in multiple places -- Google, Twitter Search, Facebook Search and others -- they will never find the trending topics that people are talking about.  When someone goes to Google and types "appointment setting," don't you want your organic results on the left and your real time social media posts on the right?  I do.

Dear Google,

Please blend Organic Search and Real Time Search on one page.  Better, create algorithms that will show real time results from people "like me," not just from topics that sound or look like I'd like them. Personally, I'll love it.  Professionally, I can see demand gen goodness for inbound marketing all over it.  It will allow my prospects to find me in multiple different ways, and allow my real time content to be as valuable as my static content -- even if those searching aren't into Twitter or Facebook.


Smashmouth Marketer

Google Real Time Search

(credit: Google and Scoopler)

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MarketingSherpa Marketing Summit: Top Posts from Day 2

Posted by Mike Damphousse

RoyHP: Collaborate with Data Analysts: 4 Strategies to Improve Relationships with IT MarketingSherpa


mvolpe: "design your website first for search engines" use the free tool to check how you are doing #sherpab2b09


NetSuite_Mei: Focus on providing valuable content on your website to drive traffic #sherpab2b09


mvolpe: I agree!! "you can make your website as pretty as you want, but if search engines don't list you, no one finds it" #sherpab2b09


ajdun: Jaren Green: "Not everyone searches like you do" Amen. There is no such thing as the average web surfer #sherpab2b09


MarketingSherpa: Audience poll #sherpab2b09: Majority of marketers using lead scoring can't quantify the value they're getting from it.


kimalbee: Look at the big pic 4 success - metrics: # visits > #leads - initial > #leads - more info > #sales-ready leads > Sales closed #sherpab2b09


viewstream: #sherpab2b09 Julie Wisdom, Babcock: content is KING, but expensive. SO leverage content, and find inexpensive ways to produce.


jill_rowley: Remember - even if you're doing B2B marketing, you are marketing to humans - per Julie from Babcock & Jenkins #sherpab2b09


BabcockJenkins: RT @viewstream: #sherpab2b09 @juliewisdom Top 4 Content Mediums For B2B: 1: video, 2: white papers, 3: ondemand webcasts, 4: case studies


MarketingSherpa: 97% of SMBs say email newsletters ‘important' or ‘very important...only 27% say same about Twitter. #sherpab2b09


kimalbee: SMB Newsletter Response: Look beyond the opening click to conversions when examining response and best day to deliver #sherpab2b09


viewstream: @KenricVanWyk landing page driven site fueled only by organic search. #sherpab2b09


LaBergeLLC: Acoustics By Design -Great example of using blogging to add SEO content for your web site. #sherpab2b09

Quality vs. Quantity:

damphoux: Quality v Quantity RT @MarketingSherpa Jaren Green: Work lead quality into every discussion to improve relationship w sales #sherpab2b09

For a chuckle (congrats @andrewspoeth for both of them):

andrewspoeth: Can anyone read the font size on this slide? #sherpab2b09


andrewspoeth: Picture of today's crazy, complex sales funnel according to Forrester. #sherpab2b09




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MarketingSherpa Marketing Summit: Top 20 Posts from Day 1

Posted by Mike Damphousse

TJMcCue: RT @MarketingSherpa The 5 levers for improving lead-gen performance: #sherpab2b09


amberjwallace: RT @juliepower: Best viral marketing campaigns by b2b and b2c from Sherpa


ajdun: Great stat from Sirius Decisions via #sherpab2b09 80% of leads DQ by sales go on to buy in 24 mos


MktgExperiments: @brianjcarroll: study shows 28% of early-stage leads take 100+ days to become sales-ready. #sherpab2b09


mvolpe: Brian Carroll just quoted me when I quote @dmscott the originator: "Think like a publisher, not a marketer" #sherpab2b09


andrewspoeth: RT @damphoux: answer these questions on landing pages: where are you at? what can I do here? why should I do it? #sherpab2b09


mvolpe: Quick Landing Page Tips from #sherpab2b09 


alanorourke: Clarity trumps persuasion! Landing page conversion #sherpab2b09


ardath421: sell the download (content) NOT the company on your landing page (Flint) #sherpab2b09


jepc: Genoo chose not to blog, but to create microsite & promote it in their own LinkedIn Group #sherpab2b09 

MarketingSherpa: Albee: Creating a LinkedIn group gives you a great list: Genoo's enewsletters to LinkedIn Group members avg. 19%-44% CTR. #sherpab2b09 

mvolpe: I disagree!!! has 6,000+ fans & FB is a top 10 source of leads for HubSpot #sherpab2b09 

InboundMarketer: Almost everyone at MarketingSherpa has a corporate Twitter account, though less than half of those people read Twitter daily #sherpab2b09

InboundMarketer: Less than half of those at MarketingSherpa have company Facebook pages, & less than 10 update those pages daily #sherpab2b09 

 And for the lighthearted chuckle...

damphoux: @repcor most interesting part of the conference is listening to the ambient conversations next to the camera during breaks ;) #sherpab2b09

repcor: Going to turn off the lifestream for a few. Back on in 15. #sherpab2b09


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Sales 2.0 Conference - Top 20 Tweets

Posted by Mike Damphousse

Ok, so of the top 20 posts, I've got a few myself. Well, I did do a big part of the tweeting, and darn it -- I think it was good stuff.

nedelsha: RT @annekeseley: All Sales 2.0 conference presenters on Customer Engagement are using inside sales to connect with customers #sales20


gerhard20: #sales20 Pelin says use the economy as an excuse to establish a culture of measurement


damphoux: @mvolpe you'll be glad to know that speakers at #sales20 increasing use of inbound marketing & feeding outbound campaign w leads


annekeseley: Elliott Baretz of SWC uses an inside team to drive people to meetings, book meetings, which is the "engine of success". #sales20


 Saleschannels: Sales 2.0 Conference Chicago IDC suggests change VP Sales title to VP Customer Outcomes!


 damphoux: @leemlevitt uses LinkedIn to search for Quality leads, not Quantity - hearing it again #sales20


PelinT: Just found out only 4-6 pct of advertisers spend more than 5K/mo on Google! #sales20


Sales20Conf: What about sales & marketing sharing compensation plans... good idea? bad idea? DM me. #sales20


gerhard20: HP is endorsing Barry Rhein's curiosity selling process #sales20


greenleads: RT @damphoux: Elliott Baretz: "to maximize @connectandsell, you MUST have good lists" #sales20


robertlesser: A new crop of photos of the #sales20 Conference


damphoux: @gerhard20 & @david_genius announced that the social media panel will have open bar. sounds like a tweetup! #sales20


ardath421: 2 top applications salespeople use - #1 Excel, #2 Google (4 to 5 hours per week) via Lee Levitt, IDC #sales20


Sales_Machine: I've been blogging the Sales 2.0 conference -- a big post but full of the updates on how people use the new tech.


brianjcarroll: RT @Sales20Conf: RT @gerhard20 Customers can smell your "commission breath" #sales20


nedelsha: Just learned from Kevin Popovic I don't need to present. 10k's of people will see our preso online #sales20


greenleads: just added twitter stream to Green Leads facebook fan page - become a FAN #sales20

darn...gotta head to the airport. Will find another 3 tweets later ;)

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Sales 2.0 Conference - Live Twitter Stream #sales20

Posted by Mike Damphousse

I'm at the Sales 2.0 Conference in Chicago. Below is the twitter stream coming from the attendees.

Looking forward to meeting all the folks that participated in the Sales 2.0 Thought Leader Interviews.

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