B2B University: Top 15 Tweets

Posted by Michael Damphousse

Today's B2B University, sponsored by Silverpop, was a great turnout.  My estimate was 150 or so.  Great networking and information sharing.  Glad to have met everyone I met.  If we didn't meet but you wanted to...shoot me a message.

During the session (despite the wireless being up and down all afternoon) I collected what I thought were the top 20 tweets from the crowd: 

Chris_Snell: Rnd.2 Mike @damphoux (sorry!) and I w/ the lovely Trish @bridgegroupinc at the #B2BUniversity http://twitpic.com/o9smp
MarketingProfs: Why isn't it "marketing & sales" v. "sales & marketing"? Shouldn't marketing come first? (via Joe Maloney, #b2buniversity @silverpop)
jcstone3: Account marketing needs crop rotation, colonization, and continuation strategies #B2buniversity
AKrizzle: RT @KathleenBostick: SF.com does not really have marketing automation. #B2BUniversity 
kennymadden1973: AMEN! RT @damphoux: Carlos: marketing should be comped on sales accepted leads or marketing contribution to pipeline #b2buniversity
damphoux: Joe Malony, Conselltants: Do you work for the VP of Sales & Marketing or the VP of Marketing & Sales? priority? #b2buniversity
stephanietilton: nurtured sales leads provide 47% higher order value - Aberdeen #B2BUniversity

abneedles: The room at #B2BUniversity Boston is seriously packed. Awesome, guys. http://pic.gd/1d57d0

AaronEndre: RT @abneedles: Thought-provoking: Death of the corp Website at the center of our online marketing? - J Moloney at #B2BUniversity #B2B
We hear this one at every conference:
stephanietilton: content creation critical to lead nurturing #B2BUniversity
cahidalgo: #B2BUniversity: @draab "very few marketers can calculate the ROI, NPV or impact to the change of their marketing budget.
cahidalgo: #B2BUniversity: @draab-"3.3x higher ROI for marketers who apply measurement best practices. "
abneedles: Some are calling @draab the Woody Allen of marketing measurement and ROI ... #B2BUniversity
And the light hearted tweet of the day (and yes, I'll take credit):
damphoux: from @abneedles "bar will be open for the next session". I saw someone who was leaving turn sit back down ;) #b2buniversity