Green Leads vs. Other Pay-For-Performance Companies

Green Leads Business Development Reps are incented and paid ONLY when a meeting Takes Place and is not Rejected

Green Leads as a company can only Invoice for meetings that have Taken Place and are not Rejected

Green Leads model is built around Quality vs. Quantity

Green Leads vs. Monthly Retainer Lead Gen Model

Green Leads only Invoices for Results

Retainer Model Lead Gen companies are basically selling their people plus a margin markup, no incentives for performance

Retainer Model Lead Gen companies have no incentive for Quality or Quantity


What better way to engage a marketing services vendor than to only pay for what you get. Green Leads prides ourselves in being a pure Pay-For-Performance company.

We generate appointments for your sales team to engage with. Once the meeting takes place, that is when we invoice.

Unlike other vendors in this space that motivate their reps to deliver quantities of meetings, the Green Leads team is incentivized to provide a quality meeting that actually takes place.

Appointment Setting

In this 2.0 world, demand generation is not just smiles and dials. Green Leads incorporates 2.0 technology and techniques into our appointment setting programs. Each of our reps is backed by a researcher that is harvesting social data on prospects constantly. Lead nurturing, social media monitoring of our client's assets, as well as 2.0 communication techniques with prospects. Our ability to engage executives is raised significantly, and our advantage carries over to your ROI.

Introductory Appointments

Demand generation goes far beyond just email marketing and telemarketing. Green Leads incorporates both inbound marketing and outbound marketing techniques into our appointment setting programs in a way that accelerates and maximizes the success of your programs by:

Appointment Setting ROI

At Green Leads, we ask our clients to define the success of their program in terms of ROI. We want you to succeed — and to continue working with you — in delivering the highest-level, best-quality leads or appointments for conversion into revenue. We:

  • Identify and target prospects that maximize your market strategy
  • Engage the challenging C/VP level decision-makers
  • Qualify leads to optimize your sales resource
  • Nurture market relationships until they are sales-ready
  • Use 2.0 and Social Media techniques and technology to harvest prospects
  • Deliver leads and appointments that will fill your pipeline
  • Continually monitor program ROI and measurable key performance indicators (KPIs)

Use our complimentary Appointment Setting ROI Calculator to project your return.


"Green Leads did a tremendous job of getting our sales reps in front of senior decision makers that were previously beyond our reach. It's also one of the most cost-effective programs we've run. We've generated millions in pipeline in the last six months as a result of Green Leads, and we expect to close some significant business this year from the program."

Cheri Bergeron, VP Marketing
selling to C/VP Software Executives


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