Lead Generation ROI Calculator

Qualified Leads to Appointments to Opportunities to Revenue.
What Is Your Conversion Rate?  Your ROI?

We've done the work for you.  Simply enter a few of your metrics and expected conversion rates and the Appointment Setting ROI Calculator will show you the value of implmenting a B2B Appointment Setting campaign:

  • Calculates Funnel/Waterfall Progress - Shows the expected conversion rates at each step towards revenue
  • ROI What-Ifs - Use the ROI Calculator to play out different scenarios
  • ROI Report - Final data, justification and outcomes formatted for immediate use
  • Industry Benchmark - How does your ROI measure up against other B2B companies
  • Campaign Comparissons - How does B2B Appointment Setting stack up against events, traditional lead gen and inside sales?

Green Leads developed this ROI Audit as a way to help our clients realize true ROI in their Inbound and Outbound Marketing programs. Having refined it to a concise process and standardized measures, we can share these best practices with you.

ROI Calculator Snapshot

appointment setting roi calculator