is Creating Knowledge and Content and Running First Class Webinars

Posted by Michael Damphousse

B2B appointment settingI've been participating with as one of their contributing Focus Experts.  The site is a community destination for business leaders to find and produce industry information, research, whitepapers and webinars.  The content value is huge, and the knowledge generated is phenomenal and growing daily.  If content syndication and webinars are part of your demand gen mix, you should explore Focus in more detail.

What's' behind the curtain?  I'm conducting a webinar for them this week, The 10 Pillars of an Ideal B2B Demand Gen Platform, and having done many webinars -- and being a demand gen marketer myself -- I've been utterly impressed with the process and the team putting the event together.  

I've shared webinar tips before in Lead Gen Tips: How To Produce A Successful Webinar, but one thing Focus added to the agenda for preparation was to run through the mechanics of the webinar-hosting software.  We did a practice session where each presenter used the platform to push slides to the audience, comment between moderators, and deal with Q&A.  I've done enough webinars to have seen most of these functions before, but the simple task of reviewing them for 15 minutes beforehand was helpful. 

Also, kudos to the ON24 staff for sharing best practices.  My favorite: Use the mute button as a caugh button only; don't stay on mute as you may forget to unmute yourself when it's time to talk. I've fallen victim to that before.

Join me and Craig Rosenberg, the Funnelholic, Tuesday March 2, at 10AM PST / 1PM EST.  You can register here: The 10 Pillars of an Ideal B2B Demand Gen Platform.