Lead Generation Tips: Know Your Competition

Posted by Michael Damphousse

B2B appointment settingb2b sales leadsB2B appointment settingb2b sales leadsOver the past month I've had the pleasure of spending time with four of my "competitors." Within my first conversation with each of them, we mutually realized that we are more about co-opetition than competition. In fact, we bring value to each other.

We each have two obvious things in common: We are bloggers and we are lead gen practitioners.

I've never been one to be close-minded.  So I reached out to them to discover any synergies or common areas of interest.  We soon realized that the overlaps and gaps between us were obvious enough and that there are enough prospects and clients in the universe that we can actually benefit by the relationships.  In all cases we:

  • identified areas where we can help each other 
  • shared some best practices
  • established valuable networking relationships
  • gained mutual respect for the other
  • learned a thing or two

Don't fall victim to competitive relationships turning libelous and disrespectful.  Frankly, when I hear prospects and clients share these negative stories, I ask them why they think others have to resort to sales tactics such as those?  Can't they sell on their own merits?

  • Don't sell with negative competitive messaging; it doesn't suit you.

Co-opetition is by far the best way to manage your competitive relationships.  You can all maintain a more professional presence in the market, and long-term you will all benefit. 

I'll continue retweeting and cross-posting these four gentlemen while keeping my eyes open for opportunities to work with them. They are all top-shelf.

Competitors are definitely worthy of being part of the Lead Gen Tips collection.  Already this month a lead has come of it.  Do you compete or do you co-op?