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Top 20 Tweets from Sales 2.0 Conference

Posted by Mike Damphousse

The following are what I thought were the top 20 take home tweets from the Sales 2.0 conference. Ok, 22 of them, but they are all worthy. Thanks to all that contributed, there were hundreds of tweets each day of the conference and it became all the buzz. Even to the point on the second day where a whole panel discussion was dominated by twitter talk.

Anneke seley cropped normal

annekeseley: "sales 2.0 is not the answer. It is a question." #sales20

jepc: Gerhard Geschwandtner: "Trend 6: customers create companies instead of companies creating customers" #sales20


damphoux:@IDC "companies that reduce their investment in sales in 2009 will be gone in 2010" #sales20

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greenleads: "Sales 2.0 combines customer focused processes with Web 2.0 productivity technologies" David Thompson, Genius.com #sales20


damphoux: Rich Blakeman, Miller Heiman "If the sales cycle is long and the funnel is narrow, the funnel will turn into a straw" #sales20


thedailyanchor: David Satterwhite of newScale quoting Larry Ellison: "If you're not a sales rep and you're not an engineer, then you're overhead." #sales20

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insideview: Listening to Cliff Dorsey, VP Sales @ LivePerson Veritable lovefest for ConnectAndSell (I've seen a demo, it's pretty darn cool) #sales20


damphoux: Brett Wallace, @forrester - the key to a good engagement is starting with a solid introductory appointment #sales20

ForceBrain: #Sales20 - "When the tide goes out, you know whose been swimming naked!" -Warren Buffet

karlgoldfield: #sales20 is apparently being blocked by twitter we want to Tweet

jillkonrath: Video in newsletters increases clickthroughs by 40% - per Mark Wilson, VP, Corp. Mktg at Sybase. That's an eye opener! #sales20


damphoux: Gail Ennis, Omniture Just used the term, "Marketing 2.0" #sales20


damphoux: Mark WIlson, Sybase - HBR post on Provocation Based Selling #sales20 http://bit.ly/R7C7w

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milesaustin: Mark WIlson, Sybase (from ad) "your risk esposure changes by the second. but your data is hours old. Analyze That." #sales20


damphoux: Brett Queener, salesforce.com - Sales 2.0 is ensuring nobody sells alone #sales20

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tmccleary99: Major theme at Sales 2.0 - Marketing and Sales working TOGETHER in near realtime. Touching the customer from EVERY possible angle. #sales20


damphoux: Tom Barrieau, IDC demand generation / lead qualification largest segment of budgets right now #sales20

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annekeseley: #sales20 Tom Barrieau of IDC just stressed the importance of inside sales in boosting sales productivity.


damphoux:Tom Barrieau of IDC admitted he has twitter envy. lol #sales20 benefits of social networking are internal to a company #sales20


damphoux: Tom from IDC: twitter seems more relevant to marketers, not sales. but @annekeseley "marketing & sales are merging in #sales20"

Steve normal

sbell22: #sales20 moderator to me: "enough with the Twitter, already!" :)

To those that might comment on the fact that many of the quotes are mine... You live-tweet it next year and earn the right to publish your posts. Besides, I think I captured a great deal of the goodness.

Lastly, my most memorable post because it reminds me of all the memorable people I met during happy hour:


damphoux: #sales20 god the wine taste good