Sales 2.0 - Call for Beta Testers

Posted by Mike Damphousse

b2b sales leads

This is shameful self promotion, but there is value in it to the readers, so I figured it passed the litmus test enough for me to write about it.

Ok, it's meetings 2.0™. Green Leads is introducing a new product/service next year and are trying to test it with a small group of sales and/or marketing folks. The service is a Sales 2.0 creation (sales enablement using technology and out of the box thinking) and is based around appointment setting, but is geared towards two targets that previously were not served well by the traditional appointment setting industry:

  • Individual b2b sales reps/autonomous sales teams, or
  • Marketing teams from small-midsized b2b companies

In order to provide true value to the beta test, we would prefer finding people that have worked with an appointment setting program in the past. It doesn't matter if it was internal or an external, but we are hoping to compare the service results and feedback to past experiences.

We will be offering the beta test in two phases - alpha/beta. The alpha will be at no charge to the testers. The beta will be at a reduced charge from the initial price prior to launch.

We need the feedback, and in trade, it's a great way for some of you to get some leads into your pipeline. We will require NDA before discussing the specifics in detail.

Please contact us if you are interested at 877.575.3237 x101 or at

Thanks for the assistance