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Lead Generation Tips - Make your Social Media Presence Known

Posted by Mike Damphousse

A while back, I read an article by Chris Brogan that discussed 19 chores we could each do daily to help us maintain an online presence. I was already doing a majority of the list, but then it got me thinking. What if I had my browser setup so when I wake up in the AM all my daily tasks for maintaining my social media prowess were just lined up waiting for me to get my coffee? Here's my Lead Generation Tip for today.

I've never been one to clutter up toolbars in a browser, but this seemed like a great reason to do it. So I bookmarked the following links and turned on the bookmarks toolbar. This allows me to wake up, sip my Greenest Bean coffee (organic, locally roasted), and make my presence known. I come back to it during the day when I need a break and hit them again.

  • HootSuite - been using this since I uninstalled tweetdeck for locking up my system every day. I've got it all decked out with columns, tabs, subjects, friends, you name it
  • Google Reader - still the easiest RSS reader going. Read up, schedule the best for tweets on HootSuite with Send Later. Comment on a few relevant articles
  • Hubspot Dashboard - finds daily chores for me to do around blogging, keywords, search rankings, etc.
  • LinkedIn Q&A - to maintain my top Lead Gen Expert status and to accept invites and other LinkedIn goodness
  • Personal Facebook - post some drivel
  • Company Facebook Fan Page - post some value
  • Fast Company Blog - share an article
  • Smashmouth Marketing Blog - write an article
  • FriendFeed - check out friends thoughts
  • SocialOomph - vet my new twitter followers

During the process, I usually digg or stumble a few articles as well.

ps. Look at the other top experts in the Lead Generation section of LinkedIn. I'm in good company!

What other daily tasks do you do to keep yourself in the frontlines? Leave a comment

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Posted by Mike Damphousse


In the Smashmouth Review of Part 1, we focused on Genius Pro. Since then, we've had the opportunity to work with and evaluate Genius Enterprise. The one liner summary: marketing automation and sales enablement with a 2.0 twist.

The product is so rich in features that this article alone will not do it justice. It’s always tempting to try to make apples to apples comparisons with other marketing automation vendors, but Genius is different. Genius eliminates the need for heavy IT support. After just a few hours of use it allows a non-guru to establish some incredibly strong functionality. It's suitable for small business, or for a larger, more sophisticated organization.

drip campaign lg

The heart of the package is the Automation Workflow Designer. This provides a the ability to create logical processes of conditions, actions, and communications that together can walk a prospect through the nurturing and selling process.

Consider this example. Sounds complex, but it was able to be configured in 30 minutes with the drag and drop editor that is both intuitive and fresh in its design.

- If the prospect is not on any other campaign, send an initial email
- Wait for 5 days, and if during those 5 days the prospect had clicked through to the site, increase their lead score, and keep watching and waiting
- If during those 5 days they visit the site multiple times, then increase their lead score again
- If during those 5 days they download a specific white paper and look at the Contact Us page, increase the lead score and send a more targeted email offer. At this point, notify the sales rep and then remove this lead from the workflow and have the rep pursue them by phone
- What sets Genius apart from the rest if at any time during the waiting process a qualifying conversion event is reached the rep will notified immediately and the prospect will be removed from the workflow

etc. (you get the picture)

Key among the features is the ability to have the Genius Tracker notify you by email, SMS or the Genius Tracker IM-like interface when a rep takes a qualifying action like visiting your site or reaches a qualified lead score. From there the rep can link to the contact's history -- what emails have they received, and what actions have they taken. There is also a TiVo-like replay of their visit available, which is a rich way for a rep to find out what the prospect was interested in chatlive and target the followup conversation. To top it off, the system also has an integrated chat/messaging system for visitors to use, as well as the ability to display an Instant Promo window that can contain custom messages.

Smashmouth recommendation: Thumbs Up

End of independent review.

As opposed to the obligatory comment from the company, I asked if I could speak with a power user. .

"Genius Enterprise is designed for Marketers with sales in mind," says Joanna Giannotti, Global Marketing Director at ClickSoftware. "It’s simple drag and drop campaign creation makes cumbersome, complicated marketing automation solutions a thing of the past while their exclusive Tracker alerts Sales with an instant notification when prospects are hot so they can offer rapid service. It all means greater Marketing success and more closed deals for Sales."

As a postscript...this whole exercise had my desktop going off every few minutes with an audible signal that someone was visiting my site. It leads me to continue the debate...when I hear that noise, do I pick up the phone and POUNCE? (more: Pounce, Pause, Nurture or Wait?).

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Hubspot - Smashmouth Preview

Posted by Mike Damphousse

photo 739781

Karen Rubin and Mike Volpe Hosting Hubspot TV's 1 Year Anniversary

Yesterday was the start of my evaluation of Hubspot. There will be a Smashmouth Product Review coming shortly, but I just had to comment on how it got started. After a one hour detailed demo from Bonnie and Chris, and an interrogation by me, Linda and I got to join the Hubspot team and local twitterati for the 1 year anniversary of Hubspot TV. It doesn't impact the review, but it definitely impacts my impression of the company and people. They were all energetic, fun, welcoming, marketing-savants -- great to be around.

We loved every minute of it. Thanks to Dan Tyre and Mike Volpe for hosting us.

As far as the review... I've spent about 3 hours with the product (not counting the time Bonnie and Chris put in), and I've been able to use most of the basic functions without a hitch. I was trying to upload a video and couldn't quite figure out how to upload/host it. For now I had to opt for a slideshare version of our video What Does Sales Want? I'm sure I can get a few pointers from support and put a checkmark next to that issue.

My highest level of excitement though is the fact that SEO and Inbound Marketing written all over it. I can hear "you've got mail" already.

More detail in the official review.

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Inbound & Outbound Marketing Mix - Poll Results

Posted by Mike Damphousse

Last week we conducted a poll on LinkedIn where we asked: Inbound Marketing & Outbound Marketing - what is your mix for lead gen?

  • Mostly Inbound
  • Mostly Outbound
  • Both Equally
  • Inbound Only
  • Outbound Only

The complete results were published today on the DemandGen Reports site. The short version excerpted from the article:

The experts balance Inbound Marketing with Outbound Marketing. So the random sales and marketing execs may want to pay attention to a few points:

• Most companies rely on a mix of Inbound and Outbound Marketing
• Outbound Marketing seems to have a larger portion of the marketing mix in general
• Demand Gen specialists balance their mix of Inbound and Outbound 30% more than generalists
• The mania of Inbound Marketing taking over the marketing mix is either just that, mania, or it is still in its infancy. Don't get caught up in the hype just yet.
• A balanced approach seems to be the mix of choice with a slight favor to Outbound activities

As a side note, a regular feature of my blog, which is focused on BtoB marketing and demand gen, are product reviews. So below is a mini product review of LinkedIn Polls:

The application is extremely easy to use, and the ability to promote it free to your network or paid through LinkedIn's systems provides incredible flexibility. We highly recommend using the paid LinkedIn poll feature for two reasons. First, it can be targeted to specific demographics. Second, it randomizes responses in a manner different than if you were to share the poll with your network. One feature missing though, is the ability to embed the poll on other pages (such as a blog, or corporate site). Having this widget capability would be huge.

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5 Things You Can Do On Vacation If You Can't Get Work Out Of Your Mind

Posted by Mike Damphousse

My vacation read was The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova - an incredibly told story of Dracula from both an historical perspective, a thriller, and a biographical twist. It was a great book and I recommend it highly, but after a couple hours per day, some rain and relaxation, my mind still wandered back to work. Not much, mind you, but enough so that I wondered if I should pay attention to it.

After talking with my wife and Green Leads business partner, Linda (who had no problem forgetting work), I stumbled upon the thought of doing those creative projects that I never have time for. I'm stimulated by creative work such as writing a fun blog article or doing a souped up graphic that is needed for a presentation, creative work for me is relaxing.

So these are the 5 things I did on vacation that were work, but were not mentally taxing in a work sort of way. I came back refreshed, despite the three days of rain:

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Inbound & Outbound Marketing - What is Your Mix?

Posted by Mike Damphousse

There have been a number of studies published about what marketing departments are spending budget on. We are looking at more of a granular study. What do people spend on Inbound Marketing and what do they spend on Outbound Marketing.

We'll followup with a blog article discussing the results.

Please spread the word. URLs to share

Copy & Paste the poll URL:

Or Copy & Paste a Re-Tweet (or just click here to Re-Tweet):

RT @damphoux POLL What is your mix of Inbound and Outbound Marketing

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Social Media is no Punk - Know Your Rights!

Posted by Mike Damphousse

One of the blogs I read is Web Ink Now by David Meerman Scott (@dmscott). Love the insight and tone, and the fact that he rarely lets me down. This week, David posted a great video (below) that he found through Trevor Young (@trevoryoung), that he found from Ross Monaghan (@themediapod) (boy, this twitter RT credit can get lengthy), that was produced by Engage | ORM and besides being a great short production, it too is insightful.

The video compares the rebellious, outspoken, revolutionary aspects of the Punk Rock movement to what we see today with Social Media -- the revolution not quite being politics, sex and drugs, but a revolution in how people communicate, share and propagate ideas. I follow it completely, but I'll add to it in a way that seems to extend or complete the analogy (for me at least).

Punk was Rebellion. Punk was Revolution. Punk was a Protest.

Communities and communications in Social Media are less about a Protest, and more about Sharing. I think that Punk burned out because it was never seen by the masses as acceptable and mainstream behavior. Social Media, on the other hand is. Generations of families are connected on Facebook. Competitors are having open discussions on twitter and even re-tweeting each other. Non profits and causes are thriving due to social media. Professional networks are reaching beyond the Kiwanis club and the golf course with LinkedIn.

Social Media is so much more than Punk. It has survived the early adopters, and it has broken through the mainstream barrier. Just as television and radio communications sparked changes in race relations, sexuality, politics and the balance of world power (different blog post), the new, "Social Media", will bring changes that we can't yet predict. What we can do is participate. Post updates, speak our mind, compare and contrast ideas, and connect with others.

The Clash got it 180° from where Social Media is today:

You have the right to free
Speech as long as you're not
Dumb enough to actually try it.

Clash, Know Your Rights

Engage | ORM's video:

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What do CMOs and Sales 2.0 Junkies Have In Common?

Posted by Mike Damphousse

word cloud

This past week I was lucky enough to attend both the CMO Club Summit in New York, and the Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston. There was a definite overlap of key discussion points that I believe is critical for all sales and marketing execs to consider. These are the areas that impact both the marketing discipline and the sales discipline, and where critical mass may be for your company's success. This blog article is obviously not enough to serve every topic, but as an introduction and overview, it will set the stage for future discussion.

  • Alignment of Sales & Marketing
  • Demand Generation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Social Media

They each had significant focus, but as the union of both camp's topics of discussion, the umbrella topic of Sales & Marketing Alignment seems to cover it all. For generations, Marketing has been focusing on branding, products, communications, creating demand and supporting sales. Today, especially with the economy, there seems to be increasing shifts towards the last two - the top of the funnel. Demand generation and sales enablement are the two most significant areas where investments seem to be on the rise. Some highlights below:

  • Marketing needs to understand their customers and their sales force. Get out into the field, ask for feedback, but add value during this process
  • Marketing and sales leaders need to know metrics inside out. Conversion rates at each stage of the funnel. ROI for every program, etc.
  • Marketing should hold sales responsible for what they do with a marketing generated lead
  • Sales should hold marketing responsible for generating the right leads
  • Marketing should bolster and ensure the consistency of the brand messages they have created by creating uniform, adaptable, and readily available sales enablement assets
  • Marketing should know what motivates a sales person, and sales should know what motivates marketing. The two should work together to align these goals

As far as Social Media is concerned, everyone is in agreement it is a hot topic and that there needs to be some strategy and tactics directed towards it. There were examples of sales successes with social media, marketing wins using social media, etc. What wasn't clear was how to maximize the use of social media, and how to control it. Some consensus, some debate:

  • Marketing should drive a uniform effort to properly arm a company to use social media. This includes an official company/brand presence as well as individual users
  • Social media should be used for both inbound demand gen as well as outbound
  • Companies should educate employees on the proper use and respect of social media
  • Marketing and sales management should educate sales teams on the ins and outs, tips and tricks of using systems such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for sales
  • Consideration of guidelines governing social media since the FTC has ruled that social media contributions by employees are discoverable
  • General consensus: LinkedIn and Twitter for business. Facebook for personal. The exception are Facebook Fan Pages for companies, products and brand presence

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Top 20 Tweets from Sales 2.0 Conference

Posted by Mike Damphousse

The following are what I thought were the top 20 take home tweets from the Sales 2.0 conference. Ok, 22 of them, but they are all worthy. Thanks to all that contributed, there were hundreds of tweets each day of the conference and it became all the buzz. Even to the point on the second day where a whole panel discussion was dominated by twitter talk.

Anneke seley cropped normal

annekeseley: "sales 2.0 is not the answer. It is a question." #sales20

jepc: Gerhard Geschwandtner: "Trend 6: customers create companies instead of companies creating customers" #sales20


damphoux:@IDC "companies that reduce their investment in sales in 2009 will be gone in 2010" #sales20

Green leads square logo normal

greenleads: "Sales 2.0 combines customer focused processes with Web 2.0 productivity technologies" David Thompson, #sales20


damphoux: Rich Blakeman, Miller Heiman "If the sales cycle is long and the funnel is narrow, the funnel will turn into a straw" #sales20


thedailyanchor: David Satterwhite of newScale quoting Larry Ellison: "If you're not a sales rep and you're not an engineer, then you're overhead." #sales20

60x60 normal

insideview: Listening to Cliff Dorsey, VP Sales @ LivePerson Veritable lovefest for ConnectAndSell (I've seen a demo, it's pretty darn cool) #sales20


damphoux: Brett Wallace, @forrester - the key to a good engagement is starting with a solid introductory appointment #sales20

ForceBrain: #Sales20 - "When the tide goes out, you know whose been swimming naked!" -Warren Buffet

karlgoldfield: #sales20 is apparently being blocked by twitter we want to Tweet

jillkonrath: Video in newsletters increases clickthroughs by 40% - per Mark Wilson, VP, Corp. Mktg at Sybase. That's an eye opener! #sales20


damphoux: Gail Ennis, Omniture Just used the term, "Marketing 2.0" #sales20


damphoux: Mark WIlson, Sybase - HBR post on Provocation Based Selling #sales20

180x180 new bestpng normal

milesaustin: Mark WIlson, Sybase (from ad) "your risk esposure changes by the second. but your data is hours old. Analyze That." #sales20


damphoux: Brett Queener, - Sales 2.0 is ensuring nobody sells alone #sales20

Default profile normal

tmccleary99: Major theme at Sales 2.0 - Marketing and Sales working TOGETHER in near realtime. Touching the customer from EVERY possible angle. #sales20


damphoux: Tom Barrieau, IDC demand generation / lead qualification largest segment of budgets right now #sales20

Anneke seley cropped normal

annekeseley: #sales20 Tom Barrieau of IDC just stressed the importance of inside sales in boosting sales productivity.


damphoux:Tom Barrieau of IDC admitted he has twitter envy. lol #sales20 benefits of social networking are internal to a company #sales20


damphoux: Tom from IDC: twitter seems more relevant to marketers, not sales. but @annekeseley "marketing & sales are merging in #sales20"

Steve normal

sbell22: #sales20 moderator to me: "enough with the Twitter, already!" :)

To those that might comment on the fact that many of the quotes are mine... You live-tweet it next year and earn the right to publish your posts. Besides, I think I captured a great deal of the goodness.

Lastly, my most memorable post because it reminds me of all the memorable people I met during happy hour:


damphoux: #sales20 god the wine taste good

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Live Blogging Sales 2.0 Event With Twitter - INTENSE Experience

Posted by Mike Damphousse

I survived the first day of doing live twitter coverage of the Sales 2.0 event in San Francisco. If you want to follow it on twitter, use hashtag #sales20. When I first proposed doing live twitter coverage to Gerhard Gschwandtner, the publisher of Selling Power and the co-host of the event, I figured it would be an interesting thing to do, provide some value to the conference, and create a little marketing. I never imagined it would have taken the energy and time that it did.

Luckily I don't have to write more about the experience tonight, because Jep Castelein of the Leadsloth blog did a quick video interview with me after the event.

Mike Damphousse on Using Twitter to Cover the Sales 2.0 Conference from Jep Castelein on Vimeo.

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