Sales & Marketing 2.0 Conference: Keynote is All About Meetings #sm20

Posted by Michael Damphousse

If you're not here at the Sales & Marketing 2.0 Conference, you can follow it on the twitter stream #sm20.

b2b sales leadsThe keynote speaker is Peter J. Stewart, Senior Vice President, Collaboration Technology Services of PGi, opened up with his overall theme of "Meetings".  So I was inspired to share some tips focused on sales appointments.

"Meetings are Everywhere," he said, "All that work we do in B2B goes into getting a meeting."

There are several types of meetings:

  • Trust is built
  • Relationships are formed
  • Deals are closed
  • ideas take shape
  • Products are created
  • People are inspired

Couple tips for Sales and Marketing in a 2.0 world--as it pertains to meetings:

He closed with, "The best meetings are the meetings that are fun."

What anecdotes can you share about meetings?