The Elves Are Making Appointments and Leads

Posted by Michael Damphousse

B2B appointment settingWe hear this all the time, even from our own reps when they are having a slow week: "December is terrible for lead gen.  End of year and the holidays...."

True, people have other things on their minds. Some might be closing out the year, but many are willing to help those elves with their heads down making appointments.  So I give you these thoughts to consider, and recommend you keep dialing with cheer:

  • Prospects are thinking about next year
  • Prospects are traveling less and possibly sitting next to their phones (especially during the week between Christmas and New Year's)
  • Prospects' calendars are not as busy as normal and can accommodate an introductory meeting
  • Prospects are thinking about the new year and a new beginning and may be more receptive to new ideas
  • Prospects' admins may be on vacation and the prospects are answering their own phones