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Michael DamphousseOct 21, 2009 3:06:00 PM2 min read

MarketingProfs Digital Mixer: Top 20 Tweets #mpdm

MarketingProfs Digital Mixer kicked off yesterday with some great speakers.  I unfortunately was not able to attend, but thanks to our buddy's at Hubspot, I was able to watch the live video stream--and thanks to twitter, I was able to capture tons of great data.  Here are my top 20:

MattTGrant: Recap of Sesh on Webinars and Lead Gen at #mpdm if you missed it - enjoy - -
MikeBarzacchini: "Viral video (and social media) is like ROI: both can only be determined after the fact."
jaybaer: RT @jaygleaton: Assume whoever gets to your blog is there accidentally so make it clear what you do on the top of the page.
andrewspoeth: @britopian mentioned Intel's social media guidelines document
MikeBarzacchini: 16 million photos to use, just give attribution:
jacaldwell: RT @jaybaer: Instead of fearing what employees will Tweet, Razorfish asks 'what can we learn from what they tweet?' #mpdm (via @MackCollier)
judithcane: RT @MariSmith: RT @natanyap: @skydiver The art of Twitter is in the retweet. Provide information that is worth retweeting. #mpdm [Yaaay!]
MJBehrman: Listening (check).human factor (check).transparent, respectful, dedicated (check). Even working against specific strategy. Now what? #mpdm
BlazonLaurels: New forms of media don't kill off the old ones. They redefine them, says Salon cofounder Scott Rosenberg #mpdm via @ConstantContact
Matt_Genius: RT StephanieSAM Social relationships are about money. If they don't drive revenue, don't do them. Measure and focus on ROI. @radian6 #mpdm
DavidSpinks: RT @BethHarte: A welcome email letter has the highest open rate of any email that gets sent - @gregcangialosi #mpdm (via @amargello)
MitziThomas: A lot of marketers forget to measure phone leads along with Web leads. #mpdm
anetah: social ads on Facebook expensive according to @MariSmith but worth it because of very precise targeting #mpdm
djwaldow: OH by Scott Rosenberg (#mpdm lunch keynote) "Email is not dead." phew! I always worry abt that. Ha ha
jmamills: That first welcome email you send to new subscribers is one of the most successful email campaign you may have. #mpdm
DavidBThomas: B2B or B2C, the Bs are all people. Give them content that's useful to them in the ways they want to get it.
MikeBarzacchini: Read: Free: The Future of a Radical Price (Hardcover) by Chris Anderson. What can you give away that will build your biz? #mpdm
marismith: @MackCollier Hi Mack - you bet: #mpdm Any Q's, just give me a shout! :)
MarketingProfs: The most INSIGHTFUL TWEETS (+ funniest) from Day 1 of @MarketingProfs #mpdm event.