Does the Younger Generation Listen to Green Issues?

Posted by Mike Damphousse

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So back in November I posted a couple articles about Apples and Oranges and how the industrialized US agriculture market has warped our natural foods. Since it was around Thanksgiving, I made a point of telling our thanksgiving dinner guests all about it, and my niece and nephews heard the story. I had hoped they listened, but like most things out of my mouth, I expect only a small portion to actually stick.B2B appointment setting

Then earlier today I got an email from my sister with the following picture of Ben showing me their version of the bionic orange versus the normal orange. The kids may not have remembered the story, but they certainly got a total kick out of discovering it themselves.

Did they understand the ecology issues? Maybe not. But something stuck. I predict that the excitement of finding the big orange, recollecting Uncle Mike's story, grabbing the camera, sending me the picture, and enjoying the moment may have sparked some thought on the matter. Our next generation WILL figure it out if we keep taking the lead.

I guess that's the only thing we can hope for with a blog post. Someone, somewhere might read it, benefit by it, and possibly remember it. If they can draw the same conclusions I did with the same information, then maybe I accomplished something. If they simply thought about, debated, or pondered the issue, then I accomplished something there too. Always give an apple to the teacher.