Boycott of Overwhelming RSS Feeds

Posted by Mike Damphousse
b2b sales leads

I LOVE reading Lifehacker, Treehugger, Engadget and Wired RSS feeds, but over the years they have migrated from blogs with fantastic posts 8-12 times per day, to massive media sites that publish 30+ posts per day, at least a third of which are drivel. I am currently on a business trip and have not been able to read my feeds for a couple days. It's all baked up. Engadget had almost 180 updates, many of which, btw, were crossposted or duplicate posts on Wired. All in all, I had 1500 posts to read, which I didn't. I couldn't. Just not enough time.

Wasn't the whole point of aggregating good feeds together so that one could sit down without surfing, without having to wade through piles of pages, and having everything at our disposal, organized and ready to read? So much for that. Now it's like recieving 8 major newspapers and being expected to find the 10 articles from the stack that are interesting. When are we going to get a Reader for our Reader?