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20,000 Sales Pros in One Place! 80 Speakers #salessummit #in

Posted by Michael Damphousse

This Thursday, starting at 11ET, his hosting the Sales Acceleration Summit.  There will be 80 speakers with topics ranging from Inside Sales and Enterprise Sales to Marketing, Management and Motivation.  

Join us tomorrow for as many sessions as you can squeeze in.  You can register for free.

sales acceleration summit

Featured speakers include:

  • Matt Dixon, Author of The Challenger Sale 
  • Steve Young, Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee 
  • Josh James, Founder & CEO, Domo 
  • Jill Konrath, Author of Selling to Big Companies 
  • Grant Cardone, Author of Sell or be Sold 
  • Ken Krogue, President,

I'll be talking Marketing Goodness with Thomas Oldroyd of  I'll be focusing on how sales professionals need to start thinking like CMOs.

Join me and lots of friends and colleagues tomorrow.  Don't forget to Register Now!

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Five Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Michael Damphousse

Everyone is jumping into content marketing. The challenge is not only how to do it, but how to do it well. One of the best things a marketer can do is learn from the mistakes of others. For this post, we asked some of the participants in the upcoming Keys to Content Marketing Virtual Summit on August 14th to share the mistakes they see on the market today.  

Content creation is too narrowly focused on a single buyer.

b2b marketing contentNarrowly focused content tends to be out of step and misaligned with the reality of buying in most companies today.  The biggest drawback is that content then becomes non-shareable since it lacks relevancy to others. The solution: When considering the buyer personas for whom you want to develop content, content producers must consider more than just the single buyer or buyer persona.  This is true when conducting buyer insight research - it is a mistake to interview only those whom you assume are direct buyers.  Buying in organizations today is fluid, dynamic, flatter, and involves more participants. (Tony Zambito) 

Companies create content for themselves not their buyer.

You are not your buyer – get over it bro! Before you create anything – dig in deep with your current client base and your sales staff, they will give you the insight you need to create really compelling content.  This is probably the biggest mistake in content, albeit the most forewarned.  So listen up! (Justin Gray)

Their content voice sounds like a corporate twit.

From our early school days we were taught that formal writing = good writing.  Somewhere along the way marketers found out that this is absolute crap, however the old days of getting slapped on the hand with a ruler for "writing as you talk" are hard lessons to break.  Honestly, it’s the only reason I enjoy content creation in modern sales/marketing, all of the sudden its cool to speak to people like people again. And they're buying it!  I just wanted to start a sentence with "and" there to see if a huge cosmic ruler would hit me. (Justin Gray)

Content is created without any personality. 

Content that is written as an instruction manual will come across as just that, instructions. There’s so much crap content out there and there'is a need for good writers with personality and opinions based on their own experience. That’s what I want to read. (Jason Miller)

Companies are jumping in the raging river of social media and content marketing without a plan or measurable goals.

Social and content marketing are not just hobbies or activities. They are business processes that should be approached with a strategic plan and metrics to measure success. (Don Perkins)

Want to learn more about content marketing? Join us for the Keys to Content Marketing Success Virtual Summit on August 14th by registering below!

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Demand Generation Tactics You Actually Use

Posted by Michael Damphousse

There is a whole set of new, fun, exciting demand generation tactics happening right now. Some of the recent trends like content marketing and social are reaching new levels of sophistication. Video is the next wave and we know enough know to provide useful advice. B2B demand generation is fun again and there is a lot to learn and go test. Green Leads is sponsoring an online summit with the Funnelholic, Act-on Software, and Radius Intelligence to explore the latest and greatest things happening in b2b demand generation. We carefully chose speakers who would bring the latest techniques, talk about real results, provide tangible tips, and present at least one surprising idea, fact, or result. We want attendees to understand "how" along with the "why". Scott Albro, Matt Heinz, Koka Sexton, and Matt Childs headline the event.

Join in on the fun. Click attend on the landing page below and we will see you there!


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Posted by Michael Damphousse

Focus ExpertsI've been participating with as one of their contributing Focus Experts.  The site is a community destination for business leaders to find and produce industry information, research, whitepapers and webinars.  The content value is huge, and the knowledge generated is phenomenal and growing daily.  If content syndication and webinars are part of your demand gen mix, you should explore Focus in more detail.

What's' behind the curtain?  I'm conducting a webinar for them this week, The 10 Pillars of an Ideal B2B Demand Gen Platform, and having done many webinars -- and being a demand gen marketer myself -- I've been utterly impressed with the process and the team putting the event together.  

I've shared webinar tips before in Lead Gen Tips: How To Produce A Successful Webinar, but one thing Focus added to the agenda for preparation was to run through the mechanics of the webinar-hosting software.  We did a practice session where each presenter used the platform to push slides to the audience, comment between moderators, and deal with Q&A.  I've done enough webinars to have seen most of these functions before, but the simple task of reviewing them for 15 minutes beforehand was helpful. 

Also, kudos to the ON24 staff for sharing best practices.  My favorite: Use the mute button as a caugh button only; don't stay on mute as you may forget to unmute yourself when it's time to talk. I've fallen victim to that before.

Join me and Craig Rosenberg, the Funnelholic, Tuesday March 2, at 10AM PST / 1PM EST.  You can register here: The 10 Pillars of an Ideal B2B Demand Gen Platform.

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Webinar: 10 Tips for Improving Your B2B Demand Gen Program with Inbound & Outbound Marketing

Posted by Michael Damphousse

Inbound Marketing and Outbound MarketingWe've recently started working closely with NetProspex as a list provider to augment the work we do.  Once we started working together, the folks there realized that I always have an opinion, especially as it pertains to Demand Gen. Most of my recent discussion has been about Unified Demand Gen(sm) -- the philosophy of blending inbound marketing and outbound marketing to maximize your lead generation activity.

Join us for a webinar Thursday at 2:00 ET, 10 Tips for Improving Your B2B Demand Gen Program with Inbound & Outbound Marketing

Hope to see you there.

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