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Green Leads' Founder, CEO and CMO, Mike Damphousse, writes frequently about b2b marketing, demand generation, appointment setting, lead gen, and marketing in general.

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Hubspot Product Review: Inbound Marketing Methodology, Not Just a Product


HubspotAbout 18 months ago, Green Leads embarked on an aggressive plan to increase our inbound marketing activity.  We focused first on content and blogging and then decided to dig deeper into SEO best practices.  Along the way we started drinking some Orange Kool-Aid in the form of Hubspot's inbound marketing educational materials.  We weren't looking for a content management system at the time, but they had so many valuable pieces of content on their site that we soon became Hubspot junkies without even being a client.  Eventually, we jumped in headfirst and signed up.

We were able to get the site migrated and up and running in less than a month.  The first lead came in during the first six hours of going live.  Here's the process we went through; I recommend you pay attention to the "homework" parts:

  • Pre-Project Education -- We went through all sorts of webinars, videos and documents on Hubspot's site.  Knowing the basics was key to the planning of the project:  Understand SEO.  Understand the value of Content.  Understand the basics of online lead gen.  Know how moving forward will impact your site and resources.
  • Migration -- Hubspot's conversion team takes your existing site and migrates it to their platform.  I recommend that you don't peek at the work in progress until it gets a good deal of the way there.  You'll want to tweak things and until the team is complete, you'll probably throw wrenches in the works.
  • Expert -- In parallel to the migration, your Hubspot Inbound Marketing Consultant will book some sessions to go over best practices.  Be religious about doing the sessions and doing your homework between sessions.  Hubspot is about education more than it is CMS.  Kyle JamesIf you educate yourself and you implement their methodologies and best practices, you will be successful.  (our expert, @kylejames, rocked!)
  • Content -- At every trade show I've attended in the past year the mantra "content is king" was heard over and over again.  If you want to be successful with SEO, you have to have people visiting and people linking to you.  The only way to do that is through content.  Make a commitment to yourself that this is a top priority and an ongoing effort.  Don't start/stop.  Budget time and resources to create content constantly.
  • Conversion -- In the end, it's all about capturing the visitors and converting them to leads.  Don't lose sight of that.  When you are laying out your pages, spend as much time on calls to action as you do content.  Make them click on those compelling offers.  Then make your landing pages convert.
  • Go Live -- I almost made the mistake of holding off my go-live date until I perfected every page.  Huge mistake.  After a few weeks of tweaking and working on content, Kyle said "Go live, man!" I just turned off the public view of the pages that weren't ready yet and made the switchover.  Six hours later the first lead came in.  Within a week, the fact that it was live forced us to fix the loose ends.  It was up and running.
  • Focus -- Once you're live, it's time to start working on your keywords, rankings, content, and ultimately ... leads.  However, you can lose sight of the short-term successes by going too wide.  Example: Green Leads' obvious keyword that we want to own is "appointment setting."  But there are already tons of people ranking high on that one, so we put our initial focus on some other keywords that were easier to own.  It worked.  In just one month, we had five major keywords that are now on the top of Google's search results. We're still focusing on "appointment setting", but it's not the holy grail.
  • Action -- Don't just watch the leads pile up.  If the call to action was appropriate for a sales follow-up, then take it.  If they did multiple visits or multiple page views (Hubspot tracks this), increase the lead score and contact them.  Treat inbound leads as the ultimate prospect lists.  Just because they raised their hands doesn't mean they want to buy.  You still have to reach out to them and ask for the introductory appointment or the presentation. That lead produced by inbound marketing now turns into an outbound marketing pursuit.  Dial the phone.  Send the emails.  Close the loop.  Engage with that prospect, then get the sale.
NOrange Kool Aidet-Net.  Don't just drink the orange Kool-Aid, savor it.  Buy into the methodology, not just the license fee.  Invest the time and effort to implement the program exactly the way Hubspot teaches you to.  You will be handsomely rewarded.

A more detailed product review coming that will focus on some key features and benefits.  Stay tuned.


Hi Mike, thanks for the great review of HubSpot. I'm considering using them in 2010 and this was really helpful. I've been drinking a lot of orange Kool-Aid myself, fantastic stuff! I'd like to hear about the lead generation results Green Leads has had since using HubSpot if you could include that in your future post.
Posted @ Friday, November 20, 2009 10:38 AM by Kim Cornwall Malseed
Very cool; HubSpot has helped thousands of companies drive more qualified buyers and generate leads to build the funnel; but it is always great to hear another success story. Kyle James is a total stud on inbound marketing :-) 
(Full disclosure: I work for HubSpot)
Posted @ Friday, November 20, 2009 11:13 AM by Dan Tyre
You are too kind. Although I think the conversion was more like... "Man you are paying for this service and not getting any of the benefits! Take that site live! This isn't a magazine that has to be perfect before it goes to press. You can always tweak and change things as you go." 
Love the review and keep up rocking it!
Posted @ Friday, November 20, 2009 11:56 AM by Kyle James
Great article Mike! It's awesome to hear your story. I'm so glad you're getting value out of the HubSpot system. 
Keep up the excellent work. 
Posted @ Friday, November 20, 2009 12:06 PM by Jonah Lopin
Hi Mike:  
We began savoring the orange kool-aid a couple months ago. We too, almost made the mistake of holding back on the go-live date. What's so great about Hubspot's CMS is its simplicity. Very simple to make it "perfect" over time. Thanks for sharing your launch journey. Can't wait to hear about your ongoing adventures in Hubspot. 
Posted @ Friday, November 20, 2009 12:23 PM by Martine Hunter
Very interesting and comprehensive review, Mike. I especially appreciate your Call to Action mantra.  
I have a very popular website with tons of great content, but I need to do a much better job of converting those people. I'd love to learn how you are doing it. 
Jeff Ogden, President 
Find New Customers 
Posted @ Saturday, November 21, 2009 12:34 PM by Jeff Ogden
Good stuff, Mike. Ours was a similar experience, and we loved it so much now we're HubSpot partners carrying the "kool-aid" to the masses. The thing I would add is that once you get rolling, it's addictive. Success breeds effort, which leads to more success. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
Posted @ Monday, November 30, 2009 3:42 PM by John McTigue
a href="">nice post
Posted @ Sunday, March 14, 2010 1:53 AM by loren
Have been considering HubSpot for my main company. This is a good review and gives some credibility to the claims I have had from their side. Thanks
Posted @ Tuesday, March 23, 2010 1:41 AM by Sean
The biggest question is the ROI and how quickly the average business can get their investment back. It is otherwise a pricey test.
Posted @ Thursday, April 15, 2010 8:59 AM by Barry
I agree with Barry on the ROI and how quickly you get the return. Most of what I've seen is people talking about an increase in web traffic. Few are talking about an actual increase in business. One of the case studies on their website with "Advanced Marketing Concepts" says clearly that after 12 months of use they believe they will be getting their first client. I did the webinar with a sales person and he suggested I buy the largest hubspot package as a startup and not spend any money on any other marketing for my business. That is just a little too scary for me and I would never tell a business to only have one marketing strategy.
Posted @ Saturday, July 24, 2010 8:38 AM by Josh
Interesting comment: 
"....we soon became Hubspot junkies without even being a client." 
I reckon we have to accept that there's a need to give so much more value over time to our target audience some of whom will never become clients - helps to have a higher cause I guess !
Posted @ Monday, January 10, 2011 8:10 AM by David Laurence
Anyone using HubSpot have a clear cut story of ROI on their investment? We are trying to create a database of which internet marketing tool works for which kind of business and HubSpot is definitely one we want to include.
Posted @ Tuesday, April 26, 2011 12:22 PM by Dan
Hi Mike, 
Thank you very much for this post i really suggest that for promotion of a business and to generate more revenues it is very essential to have a good marketing strategies then only we can compete in this competitive business field.
Posted @ Monday, July 11, 2011 2:11 AM by Brownscott
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is to update. Just doing tGlass machinehis will be rewarding, but there's nothing wrong with giving yourself a tangible reward for a job well done. Family life in Anaheim, California is full of sun, outdoor adventures and beaches. The average year round temperature is 70 degrees, making this city a comfortable place for all indoor and outdoor family activities. The city is located 13 miles from the pacific ocean and coastal beaches. Locals and visitors can get there by car, or by biking the 18 mile bike trail that leads from Anaheim to the beach. When you feel the need to purchase and store things in large quantities and you are unable to throw obagi clearstuff away, then there is a chance that you might be suffering from hoarding disorder. It is also possible that you are not yet suffering from it, but the potential is there. You should act on that right away and not wait until the problem becomes serious enough to cause disruptions in your life. Escaping the tediousness of life does not mean one must spend a two week vacation hundreds of miles from home. There are many things to do nearby if you take the time to discover them. Consider these five potential afternoon or evening china vacuum cleaner vacations as a great way to start your brainstorming for things to do that will help you grow closer to someone you love. Grab life with both hands and enjoy the happiness offered to you. Spend time with your children and share your time and talents with them. Don't hide your beautiful things or talents but display and use them for the pleasure of all. Life is way too short. Raising kids today has been more challenging than ever before. Parents face more choices and problems in healthcare, education, transportation, safety, nutrition, and all other aspects of life. With advances in medicine, we are able to experience improved Crystal Blank fertility success and decreased infant mortality. The Green Deal benefit must be more than the charge on your fuel bills to repay the loan to create that benefit (to pay for the Green Improvements completed). The cost benefit in living at any particular home attaches to the fuel bill and not the owner who commissioned the improvements. This has certain ramifications that could catch you out when you buy such homes. Struggling to come up with ways to keep your kids entertained after school? Consider these ideas that won't exhaust Bronze Doorsyou but will keep the kids happy. As people grow up, they watch their parents and other loved ones grow older right before their eyes. This is a beautiful, natural process, but also difficult to watch as they witness their loved ones' memories become less and less reliable. At first, they may just tell the same story a couple of times before they realize it's something they've already said. Anybody that has ever shopped for Toner Cartridgea faucet has probably heard of Kohler. They are one of the leading companies for the production of faucets and fixtures. Kohler kitchen faucets are trusted by many contractors because of the way they are built and the warranty they provide. The mission of Kohler is "to improve your sense of gracious living in every experience you have with a Kohler product or service". For those of you with children starting/returning to school - this article is for you! For the rest of you - keep reading because I think you will still get a lot out of it:) Last year when Jude started kindergarten, I found the transition incredibly tough. It took me months to get some kind of a system down in terms of dealing with paperwork, homework, school activities and work time! Fortunately, I don't think it will take as muchgoogle seotime this year. 
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but this week has obagi blenderstill been tough with Ella starting school too. On paper I have more time, but in reality between new schedules, parent-teacher meetings, required physicals (and the list goes on) - this is exhausted! How easy do you want to buy Facebook stock. If you are a user of Facebook you can buy stock right on your Facebook Page. Go to the Search Box on your Facebook Page and type in Loyal3, it is a company that sells stock without going to an online stock brokers like E-trade or Scott Trade. Loyal3 is a company that you can buy one stock or a stock for as little as $10 dollars a share. For many people, purchasing a property or Glass machineryhome will be one of the biggest investments that they ever make. Because of this, a lot of time should be put into doing research so that they can make the most out of their money. In this article, we are going to talk about why rent to own homes can benefit both buyers and sellers. Living off-the-gird generally means dealing independently on basic utilities such as electric, water, gas and sewage instead of connecting to the local utilities and paying for them. For those who are just starting on this kind of living, keep in mind that this lifestyle is not very simple as you think. You must do extensive research so you couldCanister vacuum cleaner manage off the grid living successfully. By using energy saving kettles, you will help to reduce CO2 emissions and save money. In an average house in the UK, people boil water 7 times per day. On average a kettle uses the same amount of energy to boil of water as it takes to run a fridge for about seven hours, so it's a good idea to boil only as much water as you need. Loved ones are invariably left with the job of seeking the cash to fund their loved ones memorial service after they die. These gatherings often Display light base cost more than 10,000 dollars. Reducing cremation and funeral expenses will help to ease the monetary burden that's faced by loved ones. You will find a number of ways to accomplish this. If the excitement of moving home has finally subsided then you'll now be faced with the grim reality of actually moving, which is one of the most stressful of the human race. Honestly, it is. It's no surprise really when you think about the monumental task that's set out in front of you. You have to literally and place your whole life inside four walls of cardboard and hope for the best. Well, as Tablet PC manufacturerstressful as moving can be, there are a few measures you can take to make your move an easy ride, read on to discover what they are. For avid readers and those who love the feel of paper and the turn of the page, books become something much more meaningful than just a bunch of pages bound together. When you add the element of spirituality and religion, books that guide you and religiously enhance your lifestyle make them that much more valuable and precious. Whether it's storing it in a location away from dirty fingers and accidental spills to physical bindings that help protect it from theseCopper Doors elements, these items that we value so much tend to require extra care and handling. In this article, we are going to cover the available selections of physical bindings, also known as book covers or cases that will help guard against unwanted damage. If you know how to make a candy bouquet then you'll have no problems creating all sorts of interesting gifts for every occasion. These bouquets are very desirable in almost every circumstance, but they are particularly apt when the recipient is allergic to flowers or simply does not like them. As a matter of fact, most 优化网站hospitals .
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