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Setting Appointments For Santa's Kids At Green Leads

Posted by Michael Damphousse

Appointment Setting TipsAppointment Setting for Santa

A few weeks ago, one of my BDRs, Peter, came to us and explained that he and his wife were organizing a drive to raise money to provide gifts and a holiday party for homeless/displaced families that live in a local Extended Stay Hotel.  There are 36 kids there that were going to have to spend Christmas in a hotel.

Green Leads offered to match any money that the employees donated and we also ran a contest where we added another $5 for every appointment set by our BDRs over two days.

Peter was able to provide gifts, pizza and read The Polar Express to them last week.

Thanks to all that contributed...

Great Job Santa...ahem, "Peter"!


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Inside Sales Blogs From AA-ISP Speakers

Posted by Michael Damphousse

Inside Sales BlogsI'm at the AA-ISP conference in Boston today (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals).  There are ideas and tips flowing faster than the coffee and ice water.

Everytime I visit a conference I like to check out the speakers' blogs.  I figured you may find value in a compilation of the speaker blogs from today (or the blog of their company):

Trish Bertuzzi, The Bridge Group, Inside Sales Experts 

Tom Scontras, Glance Networks, The Upside: Killer Sales Tips

Steve Richard, Vorsight, Inside Sales Tips

Gary Ambrosino, TimeTrade, The TimeTrade Blog

Koka Sexton, InsideView, B2B Sales Productivity

Cliff Pollan, VisibleGains, Visible Gains Blog

Dan Hughes, Broadlook Technology, The Official Broadlook Blog

Antarctic Mike, Selling at 90 Below Zero, Antarctic Mike's Blog

Lori Richardson, Score More Sales, Score More Sales

Patrick O'Mally, 617-PATRICK, Social Media Super Blog

Mark Ruthfield, Zoominfo, Zoominfo Blog

Ken Krogue,, Ken Krogue

John Baker, The Asking Formula, The Asking Formula

Sam Richter, SBR Worldwide, Know More Blog

Todd McCormick, PGI, PGI Blog

Ken Jisser, ConnectAndSell, Sales Singularity Blog 

Mark Roberge, HubSpot, Inbound Internet Marketing Blog


  and then shameless self promotion (I am one of the speakers)...

Mike Damphousse, Green Leads, Smashmouth B2B Blog: Sales & Marketing Demand Gen 







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