LinkedIn Lead Gen Tips: Profiles Have URLs, Use Them

Posted by Michael Damphousse

We all know LinkedIn is the hidden gem of all sales people, and we're all looking for better LinkedIn Lead Gen Tips.  At Green Leads we have a custom button that can query a person's LinkedIn profile with the click of one button.  It doesn't hit 100% of the time, but I would say 85% isn't bad for an automated task.  We train our reps to not just review the profile, but use it for better selling--especially the public URL.  This allows you to find the record again or share the record with others.  

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Save it.  You could bookmark it in a folder called Prospects.  But why not go a step further and save the prospect's public URL in your CRM system.  It's simple enough to do.  We have a field called LinkedIn URL, and we copy and paste it from LinkedIn to the field.  This allows our sales reps never research again, it's one click away.  It also stores it so that the URL is shared with other reps that may be looking at the same prospect.  

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Got any other LinkedIn Lead Gen Tips?  Send em on.