ICP Persona Leads

An ICP Persona Lead is a lead that fits both your ideal customer profile AND your target persona. A company that meets your Ideal Customer Profile. It is a company that fits the parameters of having a higher probability of conducting business with you. It is based on specific demographics such as:

  • Industry/Sector

    b2b sales leads
  • Revenue/Employee size

  • Geography, etc. 

A Target Persona is the actual title/role of the person or persons you seek to engage with. There are usually several different personas that are a fit, but the goal is to find the title/role of those most likely to have the problem you can solve for them. Typical specifications for persona:

  • Title Level (C, VP, Director, Manager, etc.)

  • Role (Finance, IT, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, etc.)

By combining the ICP criteria with your target Persona criteria, Green Leads creates a list of ICP Persona Leads for use in nurturing and targeting. Our data specialists query and research our 60 Million names and build your list. Optionally you can have our team add additional value to the list:

  • Phone validate

  • Email deliverability

  • LinkedIn profile URLs

b2b sales leads

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