ICP Persona Leads

An ICP Persona Lead is a lead that fits both your ideal customer profile AND your target persona. A company that meets your Ideal Customer Profile. It is a company that fits the parameters of having a higher probability of conducting business with you. It is based on specific demographics such as:

  • Industry/Sector

    b2b sales leads
  • Revenue/Employee size

  • Geography, etc. 

A Target Persona is the actual title/role of the person or persons you seek to engage with. There are usually several different personas that are a fit, but the goal is to find the title/role of those most likely to have the problem you can solve for them. Typical specifications for persona:

  • Title Level (C, VP, Director, Manager, etc.)

  • Role (Finance, IT, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, etc.)

By combining the ICP criteria with your target Persona criteria, Green Leads creates a list of ICP Persona Leads for use in nurturing and targeting. Our data specialists query and research our 60 Million names and build your list. Optionally you can have our team add additional value to the list:

  • Phone validate

  • Email deliverability

  • LinkedIn profile URLs

b2b sales leads

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Ideal Customer Profile Persona Leads

A key element of your B2B marketing strategy is determining who will benefit most from using your product or service. What problem are you solving and who is most likely to experience that problem? What question are you answering – and who’s asking? 

In order to figure out your “who”, you need to be able to describe your ideal customer profile (ICP)  and your target buyer persona. By doing so, you can focus your efforts on generating highly qualified leads, engaging them with the right content and ultimately, augmenting the growth of your sales pipeline.

Ideal customer profiles and personas are two separate concepts, but together they provide a clear place to start when preparing your marketing plan. The following is your ultimate guide for what, why and how to develop your ideal customer profile and personas to discover your “who”.

Ideal Customer Profile Defined

For B2B companies, your ideal customer profile (ICP) describes a fictional business that has all of the qualities that would make them a perfect match for the products or services you have to offer. Your ICP can help your marketing and sales teams have a clear and cohesive vision right from the start.

A company that meets the requirements of your ICP has a higher probability of conducting business with you. By deciding what makes up your ICP you can:

  • Define the problems your customers may have.

  • Align your products or services to the needs of your customers. 

  • Create a roadmap for updates and changes. 

If you talk to any B2B marketing expert, they’ll tell you that not all leads should be treated the same way. You don’t want to send just any lead straight to sales. With a properly crafted ideal customer profile, you can identify which leads fit the necessary criteria to appropriately guide them through the sales cycle.

An ICP is based on certain parameters, but may vary depending on your company and what products or services you can offer.

  • Industry/Sector. Does your product or service work for a specific industry and not others? 

  • Revenue/Employee Size. What are the budget or company size requirements to use your product or service? 

  • Geography. Does your company only sell within a certain region? 

  • Legality. Are there any legal limitations your customers may experience? 

  • Product or Service Limitations. Do you have a service level agreement (SLA) with your customers that sets a timeline? 

Your ideal customer profile is not limited to the above qualifications, but this is an excellent place to begin. Any leads that don’t meet these requirements can be disqualified so your marketing and sales teams don’t waste any time or resources.

Apart from helping you find the right customer base, developing your ideal customer profile has several benefits. It allows you to:

  • Focus your resources on highly qualified leads.

  • Reach and maintain your sales goals.

  • Streamline customer onboarding and reduce customer churn.

  • Gets you more referrals.

An ideal customer profile is also extremely helpful if your business utilizes account based marketing (ABM). 

How To Define and Refine Your ICP 

There are a few methods to consider to further define your ICP. For existing companies, one way is to gain insight from your most successful customers. Helpful information might include their buying process, their personal experience purchasing from your company, their pain points and how your product or service solves their problems. 

You can further refine it by:

  • Reviewing customer complaints

  • Evaluating your website traffic

  • Assessing your financial reports and data

  • Identifying any patterns 

Generally speaking, an ICP is a company that would make the perfect customer to do business with and who would continuously benefit from your product or service. However, it’s important to also understand the individuals your sales team will encounter. This is where a targeted buyer persona comes into play. 

Buyer Persona Defined

While your ICP weeds out the unfit leads and provides a general definition of the company you’re selling to, your targeted buyer persona dives a little bit deeper into the individual customers at the companies identified with the ICP framework. It helps you to understand the person on the other end of the line listening to your sales executive’s pitch. 

Different individuals within a company have different needs, challenges and motivators to purchase a product or service. It’s important that your sales team has clear guidelines on what those might be and that they’re ready to answer any of their questions. 

A targeted buyer persona is semi-fictitious representation of an individual customer within a company based on certain determining factors such as:

  • Title (for example: C, VP, Director Manager)

  • Role (for example: Finance, IT, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, etc)

  • Demographic 

  • Goals

  • Challenges

  • Motivators

  • Their product/service knowledge 

  • Their level of experience 

Your customer persona can help your marketing teams curate the right content that will appeal to a certain individual. It can also help your sales and support teams spend their time and resources wisely.

Once you’ve established your ideal customer profile and determined the specific needs of your user persona, you can combine the criteria to design a solid marketing strategy. You or your demand generation partner can then validate the leads that meet these requirements. Demand generation specialists often will verify phone validity, email deliverability, and Linkedin profiles. 

Ideal Customer Profile Persona Leads – Keep it Updated

An ICP gives you a clear idea of which companies will benefit most from what you have to offer. A targeted buyer Persona gives you a clear idea of who within those companies you need to convince. Together, they work to steer you in the right direction towards high quality leads.

Remember, things change. Your company will grow and mature, and the market is constantly evolving. It’s important to revisit your ICP and customer personas each year and adjust them as needed. 

Every B2B company should take a sufficient amount of time to develop a solid ICP and target user persona. The more effort you put into this at the start of your marketing strategy, the more it will pay off in the long run. 


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