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Green Leads' Founder, CEO and CMO, Mike Damphousse, writes frequently about b2b marketing, demand generation, appointment setting, lead gen, and marketing in general.

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Green Leads Acquires Target 250 – Forms Fastest-Growing B2B Demand Gen Company in North America and Europe


Merger Provides Global Enterprise Software and Technology Companies with Deeply Integrated, Quality Pipeline Generation Services

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (Marketwire – May 4, 2011) – Today, at the SiriusDecisions Summit, Green Leads announced the acquisition of Target 250 to form the fastest-growing pay-for-performance demand generation company in the industry. The companies are combining to provide global enterprise software and technology companies with deeply integrated quality pipeline generation programs in both North America and Europe.

"We've focused laser-like on developing robust, repeatable processes which we think are best practices in the industry. We've doubled in size three years in a row and Green Leads has been able to break the mold on integrating with our customers’ go-to-market and pipeline generation initiatives to deliver material top line results,” said Green Leads CEO, Michael Damphousse. “Our clients are demanding that we expand our delivery to the EMEA theater, which triggered the acquisition of Target 250.

b2b appointment setting“Target 250 has both the core expertise and an exceptional client roster to create an immediate value for our joint customers as well as new prospects looking for an integrated extension to their sales and marketing channels,” Damphousse said.

Green Leads and London based Target 250 focus exclusively on software and technology companies that sell strategic b2b enterprise products and services in North America and Europe. Green Leads now will be able to provide its sales and marketing clients with a single source of investment for appointment setting, lead nurturing, market research and other demand gen best practices.

DavePeterson (1)"Green Leads is an important extension to the Coverity marketing and sales channel and consistently delivers high-value meetings with the targets of our major pipeline and strategic campaigns,” said Dave Peterson, CMO of Coverity, a mutual client of both Green Leads and Target 250. "When we sourced our lead generation partner in Europe we selected Target 250 because they were very similar to Green Leads in the way they integrated with our sales and marketing campaigns. We are excited to see how this acquisition allows us to combine our best practices for sales targeting and marketing across the U.S and Europe.”

About Green Leads
Andover, MA based Green Leads delivers pay-for-performance demand generation services that drive greater revenue for enterprise-level b2b software and technology companies in North America and Europe. Clients receive the highest level of introductory or qualified b2b appointment setting, lead nurturing, market surveys and list builds. All programs are pay-for-performance and backed by guaranteed service-level agreements. +1 978 910 0261 Lisa Flagg


We briefly reviewed your website and understand that you provide telemarketing services on a pay for performance basis.  
Although we typically hire individuals as telemarketers and appointment setters, paying them commissions on their results, we are looking at utilizing an organization such as yours, as an alternative.  
We would appreciate any information you can provide via email regarding your outbound telemarketing services to businesses. It would be especially helpful if you could address how your pay for performance program compares to commissioned telemarketers.  
The following video will provide a glimpse into the services we provide 
Thank you.  
Randall J. Lakefish 
Legal Shield 
Group Benefits Consultant 
Independent Associate 
Posted @ Saturday, October 20, 2012 3:05 PM by Randall J Lakefish
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Knowing how to Glass cutting tablediscover Article Writing jobs is not an easy task. It involves achieving established skills that can push in the correct direction. For those who have histories of working for SEO jobs have to look for a business which they are familiar with, such as freelance editing services. Online coaches are very in-demand these days. This is because more and more people realize the benefits of learning from the experts without the need to leave the comforts of their own powder sieving machinehome. If you're an online coach, you need to find ways on how you can attract more people to sign up to your services so you can grow your. The real secret to succeed in article marketing is knowing how to make your campaign very focused and very targeted. As they say, it's better to attract 1,000 qualified leads than to attract 10,000 people who do not need or want the products or services that you sell. Here's how you can make sure that you'll attract only interested parties: Choose your topics. Here are the other equally important things that you need to do in order to reap enormous success in article marketing canned tomato pastecampaign: Use conversational tone. You would want to put your readers at ease and you would like to make them feel that you're just one of them so you can get them to like you. This will happen if you write your articles as if you're having great conversation with them. Every article marketer wants to follow the footsteps of those people who have excelled in the field of article marketing. This is because they would like to reap the same great benefits that these people are currently enjoying. Here are some tips on how you can make this happen: Perform keyword research 外贸seoand analysis. Article marketing sites are your best allies when distributing articles in the online arena. These sites will publish your articles for free and they'll allow you to build links for your website that can help in improving your page ranking. In this article, I wish to offer you with a simple guide that you can follow when using these sites on your article marketing campaign. Obviously, the first step to succeed in bum or article marketing is to get your articles noticed. You need to get your target audience to find your articles on relevant listings and choose them over those articles that google排名were written by your competitors so you'll get the chance to drive them to your website through your resource box. Here's how you can make that happen: Know and give your readers what they want.Doing the entire process of article marketing can be really tiring and mentally exhausting. That is why, it's just but right to expect great things from this endeavor. Below are very effective strategies that I highly recommend to easily get the kind of results that you're looking for: Use titles that can grab your target audience by the throat. By iPhone Partsnow, I am pretty sure that you're convinced that SEO article marketing is a very powerful tool in establishing online presence and in promoting any kind of products and services in the online arena. However, doing the entire process isn't easy; in fact it can be very time-consuming and mentally exhausting. Good thing there are now SEO article marketing services that are being offered in the online arena. Because article marketing is such an effective way of driving traffic to your website, many online business owners are often looking for quality article writing services to whom they can outsource the writing of good 10 inch tablet pc quality articles.
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