Prospect Lists - 3 Kinds

Marketing relies upon lists for the work we do.  Properly targeted names, titles and contact information is a must for demand gen to succeed.  There are three sources of lists, each varied in quality and price.  Green Leads can provide each of these lists, and all on a pay-for-performance basis.  A single price per delivered contact on the list.

  • Role Based Lists
  • Validated Lists
  • Data Service Lists

Role Based Lists

Not all lists are created equal.  In fact, just because you used a data service and selected Engineering, that doesn't mean that the contact does the function you are looking for within Engineering. Role Based List development uses various techniques - online and outbound human assets - to not only validate the contacts, but to determine their role.  Examples of Title/Roles delivered:

   Ambiguous Title: Director of IT
   Title/Role: Director of IT/Manages Data Warehousing

   Ambiguous Title: VP of Marketing
   Title/Role: VP of Marketing/Product Management

   Ambiguous Title: VP of Engineering
   Title/Role: VP of Engineering/Facilities and Plant Engineering

Micro-focus your lists with Role Based Lists. Priced per-contact discovered.  Get a quote now.

Validated Lists

Lists from different sources deteriorate over time.  It is estimated that within months a list can lose 15%-20% accuracy and in just two years over 50%.  List validation services use online and outbound techniques to validate contact information.  When a list is delivered, the contacts are guaranteed to be valid and the contact information accurate.  Priced per-contact validated. Get a quote now.

Data Service Lists

There are many data services out there.  Green Leads uses them all and knows where each has benefits over the other.  Companies such as Jigsaw, Netprospex, Zoominfo and iProfile are all possible sources of lists.  Green Leads can refine the best solution for your needs.  Priced per-list project.  Get a quote now.