Outbound Marketing


outbound marketing - noun (out-bound·mahr-ki-ting): 1. targeting prospects to engage them in a selling relationship regarding a company's products and services through phone and email. 2. essential to Unified Demand GenSM best practices.
see also: inbound marketing

Outbound marketing to b2b companies is a demand generation and lead gen activity that produces fast and profitable results. Pay-For-Performance appointment setting generates leads that your team can convert to sales pipeline opportunities. Unlike other marketing programs that rely heavily on demand creation and inbound marketing, an outbound marketing program can accelerate results.

Appointment Setting

Qualified Lead Gen

Role Based Lists


Unified Demand GenSM
Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Opportunity, revenue, and accountable ROI can best be achieved by implementing unified demand gen programs combining inbound marketing and outbound marketing components. The two provide a 1-2 punch that deliver demand gen performance. 


What better way to engage a marketing services vendor than to only pay for what you get. Green Leads prides ourselves in being a pure Pay-For-Performance company. We generate appointments for your sales team to engage with. Once the meeting takes place, that is when we invoice. Unlike other vendors in this space that motivate their reps to deliver quantity of meetings, the Green Leads team is incentivized to provide a quality meeting that actually takes place.