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Green Leads' Founder, CEO and CMO, Mike Damphousse, writes frequently about b2b marketing, demand generation, appointment setting, lead gen, and marketing in general.

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Smashmouth Review - LeadLander - Who's Really Visiting Your Site?


We thought it might be interesting to augment our thought leader interviews with some demand gen product reviews. We are keeping the reviews independent--actually using the products/services, and then critiquing them.

I had heard about LeadLander from a competitor (surprisingly, not all competitors are enemies..that's another blog post). It touts the ability to provide to you all the standard website visitor stats, along with one huge differentiator - the names of companies that visit your website. They can't figure them all out, and you can filter all those Comcast and Verizon visitors, but they provide enough to bring additional value to a web stats application such as Google Analytics.

They meet their promise. I'll leave you to explore all the details of what the product does, and I'll give you a real world example of how to use it.

The following took place in the last 3 days.

Day 1. Installed LeadLander on both our company website,, and on the Smashmouth Marketing blog.

Day 2. Published a blog interview with Joe Galvin of SiriusDecisions. Promoted it on Twitter, on LinkedIn, and through other channels.

Day 3. Reviewed the LeadLander Reports:

  • Site traffic was up 45% for the day.
  • Companies that visited were listed (Oracle, SAP, and a sizable list of other companies I haven't heard of).
  • Realized that the fact that Oracle and SAP visited is cool, but we can't really take targeted action on it since they have hundreds of individuals we could target.
  • Then we looked at the "other" companies, many of which were small to medium sized, some recognizable. We checked the companies out with the LeadLander Jigsaw link, and were able to identify 2-3 marketing contacts per company. Presto...Leads!
We were able to contact 2 of the companies that visited that day by phone and were able to set appointments with both for further discussions (yes, we use our own service). The remaining prospects will be pursued by phone and email. Not bad for 3 days work. As for Oracle and SAP - they're always on Green Leads' radar.

So some benefits we found outside the obvious Lead:

  • You can see what pages they visited during their session. Seeing a trend in what pages a company visits gives you specifics on their interests
  • You can see what search terms they used to find the site.
  • You can see when your competitors visit.
  • You can see what referring page they came from. This was valuable as we identified that the referring site for the Oracle visit was their intranet site from their weekly sales call. Nice to know someone there is sharing our information.
  • The LeadLander search function, where you can search by strings in URLs is valuable as you can use it to track specific links. We did this by using one link for Twitter, one for LinkedIn, and one for an email blast. Measure the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • The Jigsaw link is very nice, especially if you have an unlimited Jigsaw license, like Green Leads. With one click you can see all the contacts at the company that visited.

Pricing starts at $160 per month for small companies and goes up from there depending on your company size, website usage, etc. Definite ROI for our 2 appointments (3 days for $15, 2 meetings, $7.50 each, the additional leads are a bonus).

This marketing/sales approach to website stats is extremely useful. Kudos to LeadLander for dissecting web traffic and presenting it in a manner that the demand gen user can benefit from.

Smashmouth recommendation: Thumbs Up

End of independent review.

I was able to catch Mike Schon, CEO at LeadLander, and asked him "What differentiates LeadLander from traditional web analytics services like Google Analytics?"

He shared with me "LeadLander was designed to turn traditional web analytics statistics that benefit marketing staff into reports that benefit sales staff, by providing specific information about the companies and people visiting web sites. You'll never see a sales person using Google Analytics, the data is just not significant enough from a sales perspective."

[nice blog comparison of LeadLander and Google Analytics]

Schon continues, "In contrast, LeadLander is used by thousands of sales people, because LeadLander gives them specific, relevant information about their leads and prospects. So we don't look at one system replacing the other -- in fact, we use both Google Analytics and LeadLander within our own company since they serve two different organizational purposes. Our philosophy with LeadLander is to put valuable lead and prospect information into the hands of sales people as quickly, simply, and cost-effectively as possible without the requirement to spend time and effort on implementation, administration, and other services."


It's a great model which we use ourselves - and for our customers.  
Here is a recent review from David Rabb. on how demand gen is becoming more sales oriented, and how sales pros can more directly use technology such as Leadlander and ActiveConversion to increase their productivity.
Posted @ Sunday, October 25, 2009 9:54 PM by Fred
Great review on Leadlander. We've been using it for several months, are find it very valuable for our sales team. One point of clarification: Isn't it the case that when one links from Leadlander to Jigsaw, it lists all contacts at that company, but is not able to identify which specific individual was visiting our website? 
Betsy Hole
Posted @ Monday, August 23, 2010 9:09 AM by Betsy Hole
I want to know how they obtain their info (like e-mail addresses, etc) that are shared about people visiting your site. 
Obviously they are installing spyware on computers to gather this. What I want to know is if people are knowingly and willingly accepting this spyware -- or is it hidden as some sort of trogen folks don't really know they are getting?
Posted @ Wednesday, May 23, 2012 11:26 AM by mikey
Now there is a free alternative to LeadLander. We recently introduced MeetLeads, a free service to generate sales leads from your website visitors. If you're wondering how come it's for free see our FAQ
MeetLeads is a cloud-based service. No software installation, no upgrades, no maintenance. Just add a piece of tracking code into your web pages. That's it. 
You'll be able to identify the actual companies that visit your website, find out detailed information about their business, and the list of people to contact within each company. 
Best of all, you can connect to your account from any computer including mobile devices such as your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. 
Watch our YouTube video, and visit our website to sign up for FREE!
Posted @ Wednesday, January 08, 2014 2:53 PM by MeetLeads
The scary thing about leadlander is that if you put an name of a potential customer in the system, ie your salesperson identifies them, the system will also show your competitor who they are if they are also using leadlander.... So you are actually helping your competitor....
Posted @ Wednesday, March 12, 2014 9:18 AM by Paul Miner
In full disclosure, I work with Lead Liaison; a competitor of Leadlander. There are three key warnings about some of the Visitor tracking services that are out there: 1.) Like someone else mentioned...some (like Leadlander) share data amongst customers. Thus, if you fill out "mickey mouse" to get your free movie coupon when you are on customer 1's website... when that machine visits your site... it will tell you to call Mickey Mouse. This can lead to a lot of wild goose chases. 2.) Integration with your CRM. When you have an identifed lead; you want to be able to track them over the life of that campaign/relationship. Unless you have a solid integration with your CRM/Marketing Automation platform... those analytics are likely lost. 3.) Proactive lead recruitment. In many B2B spaces, you are likely to know a large percentage of your targets. You simply want to track them. University students and people that are researching your company on behalf of a decision maker aren't always great data points. A superior visitor tracking platform should give you the ability to proactively connect with existing customers, prospects and targets. My biggest knock on LeadLander is that their tool is akin to a salesperson that sits by the phone and never makes an outbound call.
Posted @ Friday, November 07, 2014 9:53 AM by chris
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Posted @ Monday, March 23, 2015 4:31 AM by michaefugat
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Posted @ Wednesday, April 08, 2015 3:28 AM by LeadzGen
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